A Warm Welcome to FreeCycle@Work

Last year Americans generated approximately 254 million tons of trash, about 4.4 lbs of garbage per day person and 1,600 lbs a year per person. The majority of this waste goes directly to a landfill.

That’s a lot of trash.

So what do millions of tons of trash look like. Consider these stats. 254 million tons is equivalent to:

  • 82,000 football fields each six feet deep in compacted trash;
  • the state of Texas covered in trash not once, but twice;
  • a line of garbage trucks to the moon.

Promoting Reuse at the Office

That’s why we are really excited to announce the launch of FreeCycle@Work, a partnership between Intuit Quickbase and the FreeCycle Network.
The FreeCycle Network, is the largest environmental web community in the world with over 7 million members and spanning nearly 95 countries. Last year alone, the amount of items gifted weighed more than 500 million pounds. That’s equivalent to a tower of stacked garbage trucks more than 10 times the size of Mount Everest.

With FreeCycle@Work, now there’s a way for businesses and their employees to join the re-use movement. Any number of employees can use the application to give away or share reusable clutter lying around the home or office – everything from fish tanks to filing cabinets.

Best of all, the application is FREE for QuickBase and non-QuickBase customers.

It takes minutes to create an account, invite your colleagues, and start posting your your reusable stuff. Sign Up Today.

Greg Collins

Greg is a Senior Marketing Manager for QuickBase. He enjoys short walks on the beach, long periods of speculation, good meals and a well tuned QuickBase.

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