A Letter to Our Customers from Brad Smith

To our customers,

I deeply apologize for the pain we have caused those of you affected by this week’s outage. We hold ourselves to the highest standards in dependability and customer service, and over the past two days, we have failed to live up to those expectations.

My leaders and I have spoken to a number of you and there is simply no excuse for having such a negative impact on you.

It is our priority to work with those of you who are affected and, where we can, make things right. We have all-hands on deck to help you resolve the issues caused by this outage.

I want to share with you what we know at this time about what happened. The disruption occurred during a routine maintenance procedure.  An accidental but severe power failure during that procedure affected our primary and backup systems, taking a number of Intuit’s websites and services offline.

We worked to restore our sites and services as quickly as possible while bringing services back in the safest, most reliable way. We understand your frustration and are sorry it took so long. We understand the important role our services play in your business and life. And we take that responsibility very seriously.

I also want to share that we have no evidence of a security breach or attack on our servers. And at this time, we do not believe there was any damage or loss to customer data.

At this stage, we have teams monitoring the performance of applications and further investigating the cause of the problem so that we can learn from this outage and prevent it from happening again.

I want to thank you for your business and your patience. We will work our hardest to earn back your trust.

Thank you,


President & CEO

Intuit, Inc.

Rhonda Swain

As Intuit QuickBase’s Compliance Officer I’m responsible for security, business continuity planning, risk assessment and compliance. Outside of work I like to cook, read, travel and, on really nice days, ride my motorcycle.

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  • James Gaskell

    Brad .. It seems one hand doesn’t know what the other is doing in your company. I put in for a simple gateway on our website in addition to our go payment account so that customers can input their own credit card information instead of calling us and having us do it .. Ten dollars a month was not too much and they said by last friday it would be approved and workable .. They can’t even find the paperwork and blame it on outside sales people. Wow! .. Quickbooks needs to get it’s act back together while you are growing.

    James Gaskell