To our Customers – Response from the CIO

We’ve received a lot of feedback from our customers about the power outage and the way we communicated with you. I appreciate the messages of support and I understand those expressing frustration. Though it doesn’t happen often, when there is a service disruption, we know it’s vitally important to keep the lines of communication with our customers open. As you may know, this outage affected many Intuit products and services across the entire enterprise, not just QuickBase, so finding out and sharing information took longer than you have come to expect from us.

To help address your concerns, Ginny Lee, the CIO of Intuit, has shared additional information below about what happened and what we’re doing about it.

I understand that you place a great deal of trust in QuickBase and it’s an important component to help you run your business.  I personally feel devastated by this event and my team and our company shares these feelings.  We take tremendous pride in our product and we don’t take unanticipated setbacks like this lightly. I want you to know that we aren’t going to waste this opportunity to learn and we are committed to moving forward and making our product and services better than ever and to regain the trust and confidence you have in QuickBase.

A first step in that process is to open the lines of communication even more. We are available to help you through our support center and we’re reaching out to those of you who have entered cases.

We’ve also added another option to reach us with questions, comments or concerns. Please feel free to contact us at 1-781-370-4414. This number will be available until July 1, 2010 and will be staffed from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Eastern time.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Note from Ginny Lee, Intuit CIO

To our customers:

We understand we didn’t communicate as frequently as you or we would have wanted. This issue was complicated and involved a number of Intuit applications.  We did not want to share any information until we had complete confidence in it.  

We realize now that in times of uncertainty it is better to share updates on our progress as they occur versus waiting for complete answers, not sharing enough and leaving you feeling in the dark.

We still have unanswered questions, but we do know more and I want to share it with you.

We had an accidental power failure that brought both our primary and secondary power units down. The process of restoring power caused a hardware system failure. We still don’t know the root cause of that. To ensure full integrity across all our impacted applications, we immediately initiated a restoration process using our back up data.   We also had to ensure proper sequencing in a way where both individual applications and our own enterprise applications that they rely on are restored in the most reliable and secure way  before bringing them back on line. This took more time than anyone would like, but it was the safest most reliable course of action.

We will continue to look into both the root cause of the failure as well as our response so that we learn from this and get better. We appreciate your patience in what has been, understandably, a very frustrating experience.

Ginny Lee

Chief Information Officer

Rhonda Swain

As Intuit QuickBase’s Compliance Officer I’m responsible for security, business continuity planning, risk assessment and compliance. Outside of work I like to cook, read, travel and, on really nice days, ride my motorcycle.

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  • Ron Bovick

    This made me laugh. I've been thinking the same thing, but could not articulate in such a humorous fashion. Cheers


  • Roy Graves

    That is it for me. This has finally pushed me to develop my own application to replace my QuickBase application. It will not happen tomorrow or next week but you can be sure that you have lost me as a customer. Your updates page showed 95.76% availability for the last 90 days. That is just not good enough to meet expectations. Like so many of your other customers, my applications are CRITICAL to the operations of my company and having them unexpectently unavailable for 2 days is unacceptable.

    The philosophy of my company is along the lines of do everything possible for the customer and the profits will follow. Based on my experience with Quicken, QuickBooks and QuickBase, I believe the philosophy of Intuit is make a profit right away by doing just enough to be slightly better than our competitors. It is a gamble for both of us and in this case, you loose. How sad.


  • G Reneau

    In an update to my earlier post, my application is back up, and apparently missing all new records created in the last 2 months+. This is much, much worse than the database experiencing an outage. This could literally cripple my company if not resolved quickly. I am so exhausted by this process. I fail to understand how this could happen repeatedly. A service interruption is one thing; a loss of critical customer data is inexcusable.


  • Jessica White

    Oh Geez, that's really bad. I hope they are able to recover your data and FAST! How horrifying. Have they responded to you individually yet? Keep us updated–I'll be interested to hear what happens.


  • Intuit QuickBase


    If you haven't already done so, please submit a support case here:

    I am contacting you directly through your email above to follow up on this post.

    Alexandra Hastings


  • Chris

    Did the site just go down again?


  • Tlilly

    Quickbase down again??
    Are you kidding me????


  • Dugie

    How can a known issue that prohibits Quickbooks online customers from connecting with their bank (Citizens Bank) be permitted to continue for 10 days? Also, why is it that customer care knows about the issue but can’t trouble shoot it? While I’m on the topic, why can’t Intuit properly download transactions from a global vendor like Citibank properly?

    Where are you folks? It’s time to look out of the ivory tower and understand customers’ issues.


  • Bill

    As CIO you should know that your company has just lost ALL of my emails and claims they do not have the ability to restore. Stop selling email as a product if you can’t restore.


    Alex Hastings Reply:

    Bill — Someone from QuickBase Support is reaching out to you ASAP.