How to Set Goals for Different Age Groups

If you haven’t done so already, it’s time to set new goals for the new year with all of your team members. Each of the team members should have two sets of goals — those that support team goals and professional growth goals.

The team goals should be easy.

  • Each team member should be able to identify a direct correlation to at least one — if not many — team goals. Make sure you identify key targets for the team member to achieve along with regular check ins and reporting requirements.

Professional growth goals may not be so easy.

  • For younger team members who are just charting their path through their career, identifying career and professional development goals can be pretty simple. Their goals can focus on getting to that next career step or at least to an “in between” place that gets them closer to their chosen place on the career ladder. You’ll want to identify goals like training opportunities, stretch project assignments, and acquiring new skill sets. Don’t allow them to set too many goals. That could be way too overwhelming and become an obstacle to achieving success. One to two professional development goals at a time will work just about right.
  • For seasoned team members, who are in the sunset of their career, creating professional development goals that get them to the next career step doesn’t quite work. Many of them just want to come to work and contribute their best one hundred percent to the team. For these team members, it will work best for you to tap into their knowledge and skills. Professional development goals should be focused on how to get their knowledge and skills  transferred to other team members. This could be in the form of mentoring relationships, brown bag lunches to share knowledge, or creating standard operating procedures to document knowledge.

Have you completed this year’s goal setting for your team? What type of professional goals work best with your team members?

Denise O'Berry

Denise O’Berry — aka the Team Doc — has been working with teams and team leadership in the public, non profit and private sectors for over twenty years. She gets a lot of joy from working with teams and their leadership to help them improve and work through team issues. Not only does her advice come from the heart, it comes from years of experience working as a team member, team leader, manager and owner of her own company. She has truly walked in your shoes and offers help so you can be a better team leader. You can find more advice from Denise at her website Ask Team Doc and don't forget to follow her on Twitter @deniseoberry.

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  • Harry

    You may want to check out, a very nicely built web app designed for tracking goals and todo lists, and supports time tracking too. It’s clear, focused, easy to navigate, worth a try.


    deniseoberry Reply:

    Harry — Thanks for the suggestion. It does look like a useful tool for goal tracking.