Intuit QuickBase Welcomes Connection Cloud Team

Roger SipplI have some exciting news to share: the Elastic Intelligence team, innovators of the Connection Cloud, is joining Intuit QuickBase. The Connection Cloud product is a breakthrough solution that makes it much easier to access and share data in the cloud. Through this acquisition, we’ll help solve a huge pain point: building applications that integrate and access data across multiple systems without having to custom code to increasingly fragmented APIs.

The Elastic Intelligence team, led by industry luminary Roger Sippl, will bring their deep expertise in emerging cloud technology to the QuickBase team.

Here’s more from Roger:

“As the industry has moved to a more connected world, we at Elastic Intelligence have created a simple and graceful solution to make it easy to share data in the cloud. As part of Intuit, we will provide a game-changing experience, making cloud data easily available to do-it-yourself app builders using the QuickBase platform, without the need for expensive developers or complex API programming.

We can’t wait to begin working with Intuit, and the team is excited about what the future holds for us. Together we’ll be on the leading edge of cloud computing, offering a platform where resourceful employees can easily create customized SaaS applications that access and share the data in their other business systems to drive productivity,” said Sippl.

We’ll share more as the two teams come together but we expect this to be one more way we make it easy for teams to build phenomenal apps that drive their productivity.

I agree with Roger, we can’t wait to get started.


Read the Elastic Intelligence blog post.

Allison Mnookin

I’m the General Manger of the Intuit QuickBase business. After using Quickbase in many capacities during my 12 years at Intuit, it's a ball to now be a part of this business. I trained at the Cordon Bleu and I love to cook but do it too rarely. More often, I spend my spare time camera in hand, hanging with my kids, trying to capture those perfect but fleeting moments.

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