• Managing Changes to Business Software for Painless Transitions

    Software often provides the backbone for how the business operates.  For example, if a company utilizes a CRM,

  • How to Start Your New Job on the Right Foot

    How you handle your first few weeks on a job can set the tone for your entire stay

  • 5 Ways to Handle Stressful Changes

    Five years ago you may have laughed if someone told you that you would not only take on

  • Three Types of Change Management Models

    According to an article in Forbes, Change Management Guru is the world’s oldest profession. Almost everyone has a

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  • Differences Between Change Management Roles

    Changes are most successful when they are embraced by all levels of management. Sometimes, new roles or responsibilities

  • Help Your Staff Cope with Operational Changes

    Even the best businesses must occasionally alter their structure.  But operational changes are rough on your employees.  Change

  • The Four Kinds of Change

    Not all change is the same.  There are distinct types of change, and the style of change management

  • Change: The Only Constant

    Change is inevitable. No matter how good or bad things are, they will change. You’d think we would

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  • How to Watch Your Attitude at Work

    We all have an opinion on most nearly everything. Our attitudes can be directed at an object, a

  • 3 Universal Traits of Successful Change Agents

    “I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing