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    Some mistakes are easy to recognize – you usually know if you flubbed a presentation or upset a

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    Decision-making, especially in leadership and in business, is both rational and emotional. If decisions only ever needed to

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  • Key Questions When Choosing New Software

    Selecting a software solution that’s right for you involves a process of framing your needs and gathering data

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    Ask anyone who has ever worked on a team of people (i.e., most of us) whether they’ve ever

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    As a consultant, I’ve often made recommendations to my clients that were not acted upon. Sometimes the client

  • Duke University Study Shows Why People Prefer Dead End Jobs

    When I was a child growing up in Maryland, we visited relatives in New York and Philadelphia often. 

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  • 5 Steps to Project Management Nirvana

    If you’ve ever had the frustrating experience of finding a project you’re overseeing hasn’t turned out quite the

  • 5 Insightful Project Management Lessons from Sci-Fi

    We watch movies and television shows to escape – if only briefly – the demands of our jobs,