• Should I Hire a Career Coach?

    From humankind’s earliest days, mentors and coaches have been a significant ingredient in the careers of many accomplished

  • 5 Networking Tips You Haven’t Heard

    When my friend Ben Casnocha sent me a copy of his new book, The Start-Up of You, I

  • How to Take a Staycation at Work

    In recent years, staycations – vacation time taken without leaving one’s home – have become popular.  I’ve been

  • Find Out If You’re Ready for a Career Change

    The decision to change careers is a personal one that is highly dependent on a variety of factors. 

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  • Increase Your Income without Getting a New Job

    When you’re underpaid or not earning enough money for some other reason, a common solution is to find

  • 5 Ways Careers Are Like Dieting

    One year after my daughter was born, I finally managed to lose all of my baby weight.  The

  • Considering a Reverse Mentoring Program?

    I first started talking about reverse mentoring in 2007, when I did a presentation to Campbell Soup global

  • How to Give a Bad Review

    It’s the part of being a manager that everyone dreads.  A less than stellar employee’s review is coming

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  • Do Women Undervalue Themselves? Yes, According to Sheryl Sandberg

    In a recent TED talk, Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook, speculated why there are so few female

  • A Team Manager’s Guide to Mentoring

    I swear by mentoring as one of the best ways to teach your team members what they need