• What Is Your Definition of a Leader?

    Wikipedia defines a leader as a person who can enlist the aid and support of others in the

  • How Millennials Are Like Wild Bees

    Just when I thought I’d read everything about Millennials (employees born after 1980), along comes Claire Lacroix-Bouchardie from

  • Are You in the Compression Zone?

    Perry Marshall is.  So are my husband and I.   So are most of our friends. When I read

  • 5 Ways to Be Happier at Work

    We all have heard by now that happy employees stay at companies longer and perform much better. Employers

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  • Does Gen Y Want to Run Your Company?

    Bruce Tulgan is one of the top thinkers in the world of generational differences and intergenerational communication.  In

  • How to Succeed as a Young Manager

    Before the age of 28, Aaron McDaniel had been appointed regional vice president at a Fortune 10 company. 

  • Disconnected from Your Millennial Employees?

    Earlier this year, I joined the Career Advisory Board, a panel of academic, corporate, and career experts sponsored

  • Leadership Lessons from Egypt

    Over at the TNLT blog, Tim Elmore makes some interesting observations about the power struggling occurring in Egypt. 

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  • How to Lead in 2025

    The business world will change dramatically in the next 10-25 years.  For one thing, due to a declining