About Alexandra Levit

Alexandra Levit PhotoAlexandra Levit’s goal is to help people find meaningful jobs – quickly and simply – and to succeed beyond measure once they get there.

Alexandra is a current columnist for the Wall Street Journal and Metro US. She has authored several books, including the popular They Don’t Teach Corporate in College (Career Press 2004 and 2009), How’d You Score That Gig? (Random House/Ballantine, 2008), Success for Hire (ASTD Press, 2008), MillennialTweet (SuperStar, 2009), and New Job, New You (Random House/Ballantine, 2010). Her book on the top myths of business success is due out from Penguin/Berkley in spring 2011.

She is a graduate of Northwestern University and resides in Chicago, IL with her husband Stewart and son Jonah.

You can read more from Alexandra at her blog, Water Cooler Wisdom or follow her @alevit.

About Eva Rykr

Eva RykrEva Rykr is an organizational psychology practitioner. Her passion lies in bringing a psychology perspective to the business world, with the mission of creating a high-performance environment – one where organizations are achieving top results because people are having fun using their talents.

Eva is a founding team member of EQmentor Inc., where she serves as the Director of Learning and head of the Knowledge Team. Eva earned her B.S. in Psychology/Neuroscience from Penn State and her M.A. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from UNC Charlotte.

You can read more from Eva at her blog, http://evarykr.com or follow her @EVaRykr.

About Denise O’Berry

Denise O’Berry — aka the Team Doc — has been working with teams and team leadership in the public, non profit and private sectors for over twenty years. She gets a lot of joy from working with teams and their leadership to help them improve and work through team issues.

Not only does her advice come from the heart, it comes from years of experience working as a team member, team leader, manager and owner of her own company. She has truly walked in your shoes and offers help so you can be a better team leader.

You can find more advice from Denise at her website www.askteamdoc.com and or follow her @askteamdoc.


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