Intuit QuickBase Welcomes Connection Cloud

Elastic Intelligence team, innovators of the Connection Cloud, has joined Intuit QuickBase.

Intuit QuickBase Welcomes Connection Cloud

QuickBase & Connection Cloud

Intuit QuickBase has acquired the innovative cloud-based data sharing solution Connection Cloud from Elastic Intelligence. The Connection Cloud product is a breakthrough solution that makes it much easier to access and share data in the cloud.

"Together we'll be on the leading edge of cloud computing, offering a platform where resourceful employees can easily create customized SaaS applications that access and share the data in their other business systems to drive productivity," said Sippl in a post on the Elastic Intelligence blog.

Read more about the acquisition from Allison Mnookin, General Manager of the Intuit QuickBase business in a post on the QuickBase blog.

Existing Connection Cloud customers can still login to Connection Cloud.

Roger Sippl
Roger Sippl, Connection
Cloud Founder & CEO
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