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Consulting & Agency Software Solutions

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Professional Services All-in-One
Keep all aspects of your business in a single place. QuickBase allows you to track your engagements from proposal through completion and ongoing support.
Resource Management for Landscaping Services
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Your customers, jobs, employees and equipment -- all in one place.

Solve Your Own Challenges for a Change

As a services company, your day-to-day focus is overcoming business challenges and filling gaps for your clients - often at the expense of improving the workflows of your own firm. Quickly empower yourself and your colleagues with apps that can help you manage projects, assign tasks.

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Build and Tailor Solutions That Fit You Best

Professional services firms run the gamut - from advertising & media agencies to management consultancies to design & engineering shops. The one thing in common is that each operates uniquely. Build custom applications that support your specific requirements and internal processes to be more productive than ever.

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Become a 'Well-Oiled Machine,' Really

There's a lot of talk around automation these days and, in fact, it has come of age. You no longer need to imagine a world where you'd know the status of every project, task, and deliverable in real-time. Set workflows to send alerts and reminders to yourself and teammates as well as automated communications
to your clients.

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Measure What You Need To Manage

Drag-and-drop dashboard tools make development and updating of performance analyses simple and straight-forward. Measure any and all of your firm's own key metrics as well as critical success factors for client engagements and distribute rich reports with elegance and ease.

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"This application is by far the strongest one available for quality monitoring. It now takes seconds to satisfy our client's needs for information, when it used to take days"

Michael Schrider, President

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