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Government Software & Public Sector Apps

Accurate data reporting can be easier. Try a Government app:

HR Management - Exch Ver 2.1
Crystal Bay Solutions
This application enables small organizations to manage basic HR functions other than payroll and benefits.
Non-Profit Manager
Chris Baker
Grow your base of support, deepen relationships and raise more money for your non-profit with this robust and flexible app.

Collaborate in Operations for the Public Sector

As transparency, participation and collaboration are top of mind for many government agencies – QuickBase can help solve for all three, so you can focus on achieving your mission. QuickBase government software applications help centralize mission-critical information in the form of tables – giving your team the data visibility they need to make timely, informed decisions, while reducing the risk of error from outdated information.

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Build and Customize Powerful Online Apps

With a ground swell of government agencies moving information into the cloud, QuickBase helps make that journey faster and easier. With QuickBase, you can create and deploy government software applications in days. Whether it's projects, contracts or spend you're looking to track, select from over 300 ready-to-use apps or create your own government software application
from scratch.

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Maintain Government Data Integrity

There are times when database information needs a higher level of protection. Through database roles and permissions you are in control over who gets to view, modify and edit data in your QuickBase government software applications. You can even set field-level permissions to restrict access to specific government information giving 'just enough access' to certain users.

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Generate Powerful Insights from Your Data

Leverage dozens of standard or customizable reports to analyze critical government information in real-time. Consolidate those reports into powerful dashboard using our easy-to-use drag-and-drop app home pages.

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"The agile application approach we chose, enabled us not only to meet the big business challenges, but also to create fast solutions for hundreds of little business problems from every agency and every office."

Chris Willey

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