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Work with Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

Execute projects with teams large or small, collaborating from anywhere, at any time. Safely distribute essential data with your team, employees, partners, contractors, or vendors. Enable users to access and share information from one central place.

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Customization is Built in

QuickBase fits your work style; configure project management apps to assign tasks, track time and budget, manage documents, and more to mirror your business processes. Forms, fields, tables, reports, dashboards, and other app building blocks can be configured to match your exact needs, without IT or coding required.

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Automate Workflows and Drive Accountability

Automate workflows with smart forms, alerts, reminders, and notifications. Help team members stay on top of commitments with dashboards showing personalized to-do lists and results. Speed up progress by highlighting assigned tasks, approaching deadlines, and project status.

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Monitor Progress with Interactive Reports

Create drag-and-drop dashboards to share just the right information with stakeholders – your team, executives, employees, vendors, and partners. Need data from other cloud apps? Connect QuickBase, in just a few clicks, with other cloud apps and sync data automatically. Track projects and key metrics with a variety of report types from summary reports to charts, maps, calendars, and timelines. Enable users to filter, sort, group, search, and modify existing reports or create their own with the easy-to-use report builder.

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"Now that we have QuickBase we are able to manage tasks, timelines, and information for multiple events in one central location."

Kathy Hermann, Director of Project Management, Swisscom

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