Property Management & Real Estate Software

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Property Management & Real Estate Software

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ABC Rental Property Manager
Kirk Trachy
ABC Property Manager tracks: Owners, Units, Leases, Monthly Reports, Transactions, Tenants and Notices.
Location Inventory Tracker
Phil Powis
This app manages the inventory of equipment installed at various retail locations or centers across the United States.

Manage Your Resources Effectively

Make more informed decisions about your real estate properties. With the needed information within reach, it's easy for you to know when you need to hire new people, or when properties are scheduled to turn over. Collect and access all information from a single place in the cloud.

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Real Estate Software for Every Situation

QuickBase doesn't burden you with someone else's idea of how property management software should work. Its flexibility enables you to choose exactly the level of structure you need. Forms, fields, tables, reports, dashboards, and other app building blocks can be configured to match
your exact processes.

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End the Paper Trail

With work orders, property leases, and properties tracked in a central, easily accessible location, coworkers and contractors can be notified of maintenance requests via automated emails when something changes. It's easy to make sure nothing is dropped with smart forms and automated alerts, notifications, and reminders.

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Visualize All Your Property Management Data

Keep track of leases, sales, and work orders across all properties, all displayed in your management dashboard. Get quick snapshots of maintenance requests, inventory and revenue, and open vacancies in interactive reports personalized for stakeholders – your team, clients, and contractors. Track projects and key metrics with a variety of report types from summary reports to charts, maps, calendars, and timelines.

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"With QuickBase, we were able to access our application online and modify it to manage our tenants' new equipment and service requirements."

Tim Rowe, CEO, Cambridge Innovation Center

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