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About the Sort Order Option

About the Sort Order Option

You can apply a different sort order to different returned columns in the clist by supplying several period delimited sort order params:


This will sort the first column in the clist in ascending order, the second and third columns in descending order, and the fourth column in ascending order.

The onlynew parameter produces a different result for each user that is logged into QuickBase: it wont work with the QuickBase anonymous user.


is it Clist or Slist?

Is it the clist or the slist on which the sortoptions would be applied?

Hi Himanshu, The slist gives

Hi Himanshu,


The slist gives the sort order, and the clist gives the columns to display.




Javascript yields different sort results from IE to Chrome

I have a javascript that retrieves 3 columns of data from a single table, sorted by a column called final rank.  Final rank is a formula field that determines the final order of a list of items.  The script then proceeds to add a running total across the items cost column (the third column retrieved) and flags each record in a subsequent upload as to whether the record was above the cut line or below.

The script runs as expected in Chrome, yielding a cut line that follows the expected order.  However, the same script running in IE yields different results with the records showing up here and there as above or below the cut line.  I have a report that colorizes the results, above the cut line is green and below the cut line in pink. Running the script in IE yields a report that shows green items here and there while the script in Chrome shows them as expected.

I ran a debug script to help diagnose the problem. The same script retrieves a value that is old for the sorting as opposed to the correct value which was recently entered via grid edit to correct.  The data previously had "99" in the field that is being sorted, I change the formula to result in a number similar to 1014 by adding 1000 to the rank number.  

In Chrome, the script retrieves the latest data values, but in IE, the script retrieves the older 99 numbers I previously tried using (99 as an indicator that it goes to the end of the list). Why does the same API call  -- API_genresultstable  -- return such different data values?

please contact customer support

Hi Bill --

This sounds like something QuickBase Support would be able to help with. Go to, log in, and create a support ticket. Just copy/paste your comment into the ticket description, and someone will contact you.



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