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How can I pull data from my QuickBase application into an ASP page?

Use the code below, substituting your own QuickBase information for the information shown in the URL statement.

'*****open connection'
set DataConn=Server.CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP")
dim URL
dim cellString

URL = "http://www.quickbase.com/db/bav3qab6n?a=API_DoQuery&amp;qid=6&amp;fmt=structured"
DataConn.Open "GET", URL, false
set responseXML = DataConn.responseXML
set recordNodes = responseXML.selectNodes("/*/table/records/record")

<table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="10" width="190">
<td class="rightnav">Customer Stories</td>
<%for i = 0 to recordNodes.length - 1
   set templateName = recordNodes(i).selectSingleNode("f[1]")
   set templateURL  = recordNodes(i).selectSingleNode("f[2]")
   cellString = "<a href=" &amp; templateURL.text &amp; ">" &amp; templateName.text &amp; "</a>"
   Response.write(cellString &amp; "<br>")

NOTE: QuickBase recommends that you use application tokens when working with API calls (read more about tokens at https://www.quickbase.com/help/app_tokens.html).


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The document has moved here.