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QuickBase Release Notes: April 22, 2012

In our April QuickBase release, we continued to improve the QuickBase UI and mobile site. See the sections below for further information.

Do you have an idea for improving QuickBase?  You can share your suggestions by either clicking the orange feedback tab on the My QuickBase page, or visiting the Customer Feedback for Intuit QuickBase forum (

What's New in QuickBase?

The April release introduces the following new features:

You also can read about these features in the online help after the release.

Mobile QuickBase Improvements

In January, we released a view-only preview of mobile QuickBase. We're continuing to develop functionality for mobile QuickBase, and in this release we've added:

  • The ability to add and edit records directly in the mobile site.

  • An improved look and feel for the My QuickBase Apps page.

The mobile QuickBase site now allows adding and editing records from the mobile site. You can add records from any report, or directly from the Add New section of the menu:

Note: Form rules are not supported on the mobile site; you will have to access the full site to use forms that have form rules. All other dynamic field updating (such as that done in conditional dropdowns and formulas) is supported fully.

The mobile My QuickBase Apps page has been given a new look:

Each application now has an application type indicator:

  • You manage this application.

  • You haven't used this application yet (for example, it has been newly shared with you by another QuickBase user).

  • This is an application template.

An application icon with no indicator means that you have used this application, but you are not the application manager.

As always, we'd appreciate your feedback on the mobile site.  You can send us your suggestions and comments by selecting Feedback from the mobile menu. You can read more about mobile QuickBase in the online help.

Improvements to the My QuickBase Page

In this release, we continued the work of improving the My QuickBase page.

  • The application list shown in Details view has been updated:

    • Application indicators are displayed to show the application type: apps managed by you (), apps you have used but do not manage (), new apps shared with you (), and templates

    • A new column was added on the right side of the list with controls to remove an application from the list and delete an application.

  • The Search my apps... control filters the applications shown by app name.

  • The Display dropdown used to choose Icons or Details display has been replaced by an Icons/Details toggle control.

  • The Tools dropdown has been removed.

    • Search for an application has been replaced by the Adv. Search link above the applications.

    • Flags are no longer displayed, so the Clear flags command has been removed.

    • Editing categories is now available via right-click on an application in Details display.

  • The Show dropdown has been replaced by a filter control to the right of the Icons/Details toggle control.

  • Adding and editing categories is treated differently with this release:

    • Right-click an app to add or remove a category for that app.

    • Edit the list of categories assigned to apps using the Edit Categories command available via right-click on the app. Pre-generating a list of categories using the Edit Categories command is no longer supported.

  • The right-side content shown on this page has been updated and reorganized.

The image below shows the new Details view of the My QuickBase page.

What’s Fixed in QuickBase? 

We’re continuing to focus on quality and have fixed a number of bugs in this release. (As always, all QuickBase releases include bug fixes from previous releases.)

General Issues Fixed



 QBE003887 Choosing a field name with multiple consecutive spaces from the field list when constructing a formula would cause a formula error. This issue has been resolved.
 QBE004664When you viewed or edited a record in a non-administrator role, the table menu would not display tables that had View Records set to Custom Rule and Modify Records set to None for that role. This issue has been resolved.
 QBE004743 Typing a date into a date field without spaces would cause the year portion of the date to be set to 2020. This issue has been resolved.
 QBE005807The mobile browser's address bar was only partially hidden when the mobile sign-in page loaded on iPhone 4/4S. This issue has been resolved.
 QBE005809Clicking the Customize this Report link before a report had completely loaded produced an "Unknown Report" error. This issue has been resolved.
 QBE005844When a report containing a Copy this <record> button was embedded on a dashboard, and you clicked the button, QuickBase displayed a time limit error message. This issue has been resolved.
 QBE005864Clicking a link in the Get Started panel on an application dashboard before the page had completely loaded produced intermittent errors. This issue has been resolved.
 QBE005884Creating an application from scratch using the Spreadsheet method caused the data for all fields to appear in the first field. This issue has been resolved.
 QBE005900If an administrator opened a user's personal email subscription and saved it, the Deliver To field would change to "Me" (that is, the administrator), and the subscription would no longer appear in the user's list of Personal Automated Emails. This issue has been resolved.
 QBE005934The context-sensitive help dialog shown for the application setting 'Disallow the "All Users in this Application" selection in the User Picker' did not mention that users granted "Full Administration" permissions are not affected by this setting. This issue has been resolved.

Customize > Table - Issues Fixed

The following issues involving the Customize > Table tabs were resolved.



 QBE005749In the dialog used to create a new table, pressing the Enter key to create the table did not work. This issue has been resolved.
 QBE005827When navigating the QuickBase interface using the Tab key, the focus did not move beyond the last table in the table bar. This issue has been resolved.
 QBE005881Accessing the Forms tab in Internet Explorer 9 over a slow network connection showed extraneous boxes before the list of forms loads. This issue has been resolved.
 QBE005893HTML entities in field names were incorrectly rendered on the Fields tab. This issue has been resolved.

My QuickBase Page - Issues Fixed

The following issues involving the My QuickBase page were resolved with this release.



 QBE002021 In Details display, if you selected a category (with no applications assigned to it) from the Show dropdown, then switched to Icons display and removed all categories, and then returned to Details display, no applications appeared in the list because the category filter was still in effect.  This issue has been resolved; categories with no applications are automatically deleted.
 QBE004903 If you removed an application from the list in the Details display, the application still appeared in the Icons display. This issue has been resolved.
 QBE005680 When you deleted an application from the My QuickBase page, the application name did not appear in the delete confirmation message if you had previously removed the application and added it back to the My QuickBase page. This issue has been resolved.
 QBE005758 If you had chosen to view applications in a specific category from the Show dropdown and then renamed that category, the Show dropdown did not update to display the new category name, and no applications appeared on the My QuickBase page.  This issue has been resolved.
 QBE005861If you opened the Tools menu, and then hovered your mouse over the Display menu, the Display menu did not open correctly.  This issue has been resolved; the Tools menu has been replaced by a search field, and the Display options now appear as buttons on the page.
 QBE005863, QBE005888 If you hovered your mouse over certain applications in the Icons display, the hover text included HTML tags. This issue has been resolved.
 QBE005887, QBE005890 In Firefox, if you hovered your mouse over applications with multi-line descriptions in the Icons display, the application description in the hover text was truncated after the first line and HTML tags appeared. This issue has been resolved; application descriptions are now truncated after three lines in the hover text.
 QBE005923In certain cases, when users requested application create permission, the request was being sent to account managers for accounts to which the users had no explicit access to any applications.  This issue has been resolved; QuickBase now offers to send the request only to accounts where the user has explicit access individually or as part of a group.


Useless for me...

The mobile site with READ-ONLY access was more useful for us.
ALL our forms have business rules, so it is not possibile to view any record in this new mobile site.
So this "enhancement" makes the mobile site completely useless for us.

not a behavior we've seen

Hi Tom --

The form rules should only fire when you attempt to edit the form, not when you view it. We have not encountered this issue before. The next time you encounter this behavior, please go to and leave us a detailed description. (From within the mobile site, tap the menu, then Feedback, then File bug report.)

Thanks for writing,


Form Rules not Supported on Mobile QuickBase?

I see in the notes above that it states "Note: Form rules are not supported on the mobile site; you will have to access the full site to use forms that have form rules."

Does this mean (a) that a user will not be able to edit a form containing form rules from mobile QB at all, or (b) that no form rules will fire based on edits made by a user from mobile QB?

I depend very heavily on form rules within my applications (e.g. for approval routing, etc).  Until form rules are supported by mobile QB, I will not be able to roll out the mobile QB functionality to my users.

neither a nor b

Hi Darlene --

That statement means that when you attempt to edit a record with a form that uses form rules, you are prompted to open the record in the full site so that form rules can run normally. You can edit the form, but it will be shown on the full site, not the mobile site. (Your mobile device can still display the full site, it's just not optimized for mobile device screens.)

Hope this helps!


Forms with Rules

Very excited about using the mobile capabilities, but there really needs to be a way to identify a form for use in the mobile app versus in the web site.

I have tried to access our main business application and since we use rules in our forms, most of the edit capability in the mobile app is not available.  

If I could design a form for use from the mobile site that accounted for the loss of rules, that would be ideal. Right now I would have to cripple the main app to permit mobile editing.  A way to tag a form as the mobile alternative would be great!

I know, I know users always want more.  But this is great, a real game changer!  We are looking at use of iPads for warehouse management to support tracking of deliveries as well as other onsite form items.  

Thanks for the work!


we hear you

Hi Bill --

We've been hearing this as a customer need, so hang in there. The annual winter gift-giving holiday may come early this year...

Thanks for writing!


Printing charts and graphs through Internet Explorer

I need to know if the printing of charts and graphs through internet explorer problem is even on the list of things to be fixed any time in the near future.  We are using Quickbase campus wide at this point as well as preparing to share Quickbase as our choice of packages to collect and manage our data to a possible large group of Ohio educators.

At one point printing from Internet Explorer was not an issue and I have the print-outs as proof.  We cannot print these items to a printer, adobe, etc.  Our only option is to take the extra steps of doing a print screen and then the image and text is somewhat distorted.  Please let me know if this is being worked on to be resolved.


Hi Kim --

The fix is being tested internally and should be available to QuickBase customers in early May. Check on May 7; if you're still experiencing charting issues then, please contact QuickBase Customer Support (



Mobile Quickbase

I prefer to display a full version on my mobile device (Android). However, the full version selection does not hold - I have to select it every time when opening my application on mobile device, although I never log out.

I created a support case for this (322365), but it seems to have been open since the 25 January without any response.

re: Mobile QuickBase

Hi Arkady,

I'm sorry to hear you're still experiencing that behavior. I've alerted support and a technical resource to the issue on this end, but it would really help if you could give us a step-by-step list of the actions that lead up to you seeing the mobile site when you don't expect to. Start the list from the time you sign in to QuickBase on your Android device, and include each action you take. It's probably easier if you add that to your existing support case; it helps us keep everything together.

Thanks for letting us know this is still an issue for you.



Mobile App

Is the "mobile app" something that needs to be downloaded?

For Blackberry? iPhone? iPAD? etc.



re: Mobile app

Hi Jim --

The mobile QuickBase site is a mobile-friendly version of the QuickBase website that you can use in a browser on your mobile device.

We support the following mobile operating systems:

  • Apple iOS 3.1+

  • Android 2.1+

See for more information.



Mobile Add/Edit

Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we're listening

You're welcome. :)



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