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QuickBase Release Notes: August 14, 2011

In our August release, we have added several features to QuickBase. See the sections below for further information.

Do you have an idea for improving QuickBase?  You can share your suggestions by either clicking the orange feedback tab on the My QuickBase page, or visiting the Customer Feedback for Intuit QuickBase forum (

What's New in QuickBase?

The August release introduces these new features:

In addition to the information below, you can read about these features in the online help and QuickBase API Guide after the release.


Easily Test Roles in Your Application

We’ve made it easier for application managers and users with "Full Administration" or "Basic Access with Sharing" permission to test how users in different roles interact with applications.  

You can quickly change your role by selecting Test role as > Role from the Signed in as menu.

When you temporarily change your role, you see only what users in that role will see within your application, including: the dashboard page, the list of available reports, and the records and fields they can view and modify.  A message appears at the top of the screen indicating what role you are using.  This message also contains a link that you click to return to your former role.

Read more about testing roles in the QuickBase online help after the August release.

Filter the Deny List

QuickBase now gives Account Administrators the option of filtering users in the Deny list to see just the subset of users they want. On the Deny tab, which has been updated for this release, you can search for specific denied users by first name, last name, screen name, or email address. Also, you can filter the list by status (and by company membership if your company and associated email domains have been registered with QuickBase).

If you have a large number of denied users, a pre-filter page appears first when you open the Deny tab on the Manage Billing Account page.  You also can access the pre-filter page from the Customize this list link on the Deny tab. On the pre-filter page, you can choose to filter the Deny list based on:

  • A list of specific users (paste in a list of email addresses)

  • All users with a particular status

  • Only those users who belong (or who do not belong) to your company, if your company and associated email domains have been registered with QuickBase.

  •  All users. (Note that, depending on how many users you are trying to display, you may experience some performance issues.)

Read more about the Deny list filtering feature in the QuickBase online help after the August release.

New Password Requirements

We've increased the requirements for passwords used to access QuickBase, both on and on realms where users log in using QuickBase authentication. No existing passwords will be affected, but when you reset your password, or register for QuickBase, you'll be required to choose a password 8-20 characters long that contains both numeric and non-numeric characters. We've also improved the interface to show the requirements and the strength of the password you choose.



This feature is part of our efforts to continually improve QuickBase security. Read more about the new password requirements in the QuickBase online help after the August release.

What’s Fixed in QuickBase?

We’re continuing to focus on quality and have fixed a number of bugs in this release. (As always, all QuickBase releases include bug fixes from previous releases.) 

Improved Handling of Numeric-Percent Fields

The August 2011 release improved QuickBase's handling of Numeric-Percent fields, especially during import and round-trip of percentage values. Issues QBE002161, QBE003728, and QBE005423 were fixed as part of this effort. See the table below for details.



For two tables in a cross-application relationship, the <Add a new --record--> prompt did not appear in drop-downs on the 'detail' side of the relationship (that is, there was no way to add a master record from the details table). Now, if a user has explicit add permissions in the master table, they will be able to add master records from a detail record.


When the user tried to delete a form used by a notification, the error message that displayed said nothing about the notification. This issue has been resolved.


The Numeric - Percent field type treated the default value inconsistently when adding records via different methods. Now, all methods of adding a record store the default value divided by 100.


Grouping by percent fields in a report did not display percent values the same way that the Numeric - Percent field did. This issue has been resolved.


If you had a reference field on a form and had chosen to base the record picker for that field on a report with custom sorting, the choices for that field did not honor the report's sort order. This issue has been resolved.


If you unchecked "Allow users who are not administrators to export data", Summary reports still showed an option to export the report to a spreadsheet for non-administrator users. This issue has been resolved.


Form rules referencing the 'current date' obtained the current date from the PC clock, not from server time, which had the potential to affect data integrity. This issue has been resolved.


QuickBase Alert emails sent to application managers contained an invalid link to the alert. This issue has been resolved.


The list of resources included in the online help included a link to an older version of the community forum. This issue has been resolved.


The QuickBase API Guide listed the incorrect value for the duration of an authentication ticket. The correct duration is 12 hours. This issue has been resolved.


Editing a multiple-choice summary field containing more than 500 items caused a JavaScript error. This issue has been resolved.


The Copy Master and Details functionality would return an incorrect count of records created in some cases. This issue has been resolved.


API_DoQuery and API_AddRecord treated percentages differently, resulting in difficulties using the two calls to "round-trip" data. API_DoQuery now has an optional parameter called "returnpercentage" that allows the developer to specify how percentages will be treated.


(Introduced in July 2011 release) Email notifications that triggered on conditions containing User and Formula - User fields did not work when the filter was the user's email address. This issue has been resolved.


(Introduced in July 2011 release) When a table had a reminder set up, and one of the recipients no longer had any permission to access the table, some email subscriptions and reminders for that table were not sent. This issue has been resolved.


New Test Role functionality

I love the new "Test Role" functionality concept.  However, you have to either move it from the signed in location or allow more flexibility over how the standard menu options are displayed. 

Since the standard menu options are set at the application level there is very little flexibility over these items.  In order to control how our users navigate the system we have the standard menu items hidden.  However, if they're hidden then I, as the administrator, can't use this new functionality.

Either move this new function or change the ability to hide standard menu items by role.




re: New Test Role functionality

Hi Tony --

It sounds like you might have an unusual set of QuickBase customizations. Please contact QuickBase Support directly to work through this issue:



Email Subscriptions

Suggestion: Allow list of particular email addresses/users when setting up an email subscription - not just limited to 1 group.   This should work like Notifications where I can build a custom distribution list.


Hi Josh --

I wanted to let you know that our primary forum for customer feedback and ideas for improving QuickBase is now UserVoice. Go to and see what QuickBase users are saying -- your idea may already be in the system. If not, we encourage you to enter it there, and vote on ideas to help them become part of QuickBase in the future.

Thanks for writing in! We're always glad to hear from our users.



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