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QuickBase Release Notes: December 19, 2010

QuickBase is designed for the business user, and this product release is all about your most requested features. We’ve taken some complicated queries and made them easy to create without knowing or writing a stitch of code. And we’ve made reporting improvements that allow you to find the information most relevant to your business, with features like customized fiscal year and time zone. This product release reflects our continued focus on empowering the business user to make the QuickBase work for his/her needs without requiring help from IT.

We've also fixed a number of issues found in previous releases. Read on to learn:

What’s new in QuickBase?

To put it simply, better, more flexible, more powerful reporting. With the December 19th release, you’ll be able to:

Watch a quick demo, or read about the new features below!

Need a report that finds all projects that started later than planned?

Easy. With this release, you’ll be able to write criteria that compares the value in one field to the value in another. So, to find projects that started late, you can write this filter:

Learn more about comparing fields in your criteria.

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Want to see which projects will be complete in the next two fiscal quarters?

With the new relative dates feature, writing a report like this is a snap. This new feature lets you write reports that gather data based relative to the date you run the report.

When you filter on a date, you’ll see two new operators: Is during and Is not during

Use these operators to write conditions like this:

  • Resolved Date is during the previous month.

  • Project Complete is during the next 2 fiscal quarters.

  • Due Date is not during the current month.

The best part is that, once you’ve saved the report, you never need to update it. You’ll be able to run your “Projects Complete in the Next 2 Quarters” report at any time and be sure that QuickBase will return just the data you want to see.

Learn more about using relative dates.

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Customize the fiscal year for your app

You’ve always been able to “define” the start of your fiscal year within your Timeline reports. But now, app managers will be able to define the fiscal year to be used across your app. (Application managers can also set the first day of the week.)
Learn more.

The new fiscal year setting comes in handy when creating reports that use relative dates and setting Timeline resolution (Read on!)

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Create Timeline reports for your fiscal year

The application setting for fiscal year gives you more flexibility when creating Timeline reports. In Timeline reports, you’ll be able to set the resolution to Fiscal Quarter/Month and Fiscal Year/Quarter, in addition to the calendar year resolutions you’ve always been able to set.

Note: If you have existing Timeline reports, they'll automatically default with the new Fiscal year resolution settings when you open them with the new release.

Read more about Timeline reports.

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What’s fixed in QuickBase?

On December 19, you’ll also see that we’ve resolved a number of issues. (As always, all QuickBase releases include bug fixes from previous releases).




Fields hidden by Form Rules were displayed with no data in email reminders and notifications.

This issue has been resolved. If a field is hidden by a Form Rule, the field no longer appears in email notifications or reminders.


When using a Form Rule to display the value of a multi-line text lookup field in another editable text field, QuickBase displayed line break HTML tags.

This issue has been resolved.


You were unable to delete application variables that contained an ampersand. This issue has been resolved.


Spaces were inserted into email notifications sent to Outlook 2007 users. This issue has been resolved.


The online help for Form Rules was incomplete; the main topic has been revised to provide a more thorough overview. We’ve also added these topics to describe rules that fire:

  • when a field is set to a specific value

  • for users in specific roles

  • when a record is opened or saved

  • An additional new topic describes how QuickBase evaluates form rules.


    Users in a role with no access to a field appeared to be able to add the field to an existing report. When the user right-clicked the report to add a column, QuickBase displayed the restricted field in the user’s choices, even though they could not see the actual data.

    This issue has been resolved; the user can no longer see the restricted field when adding a column to a report.


    Users could not create a new role using the QuickBase Customize menu. This issue has been resolved.


    Restricted field names appeared on forms used as the Grid Override on a report. This issue has been resolved.


    Fields hidden by Form Rules were displayed as gray boxes in emails viewed in Outlook 2007 and 2010. This issue has been resolved.


    The option <Other column> appeared when choosing a field for Advanced Find.

    This issue has been resolved. The <Other column> option no longer appears.


    <Custom Column> appeared as a choice in Advanced Find, even though you can’t specify a custom column when doing a search. This issue has been resolved; <Custom Column> no longer appears as a choice.


    QuickBase displayed an incorrect error message if you tried to send an email notification to a user without view record rights. This issue has been resolved.


    Restricted tables incorrectly appeared in personal automated email lists. This issue has been resolved.


    The Record Picker no longer worked correctly on the Apple iPad iPhone, and iTouch when they were upgraded to the Apple iPhone OS 4.2.1. This issue has been resolved.

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    In addition, we made a change to how reports menus are generated to make the listings consistent with what displays in the Roles & Reports Matrix. There may also be a slight performance improvement for some larger applications as a result of this change as well.

    For more details, see How Restricted Fields Affect Reports.

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    Period designation

    Our fiscal periods are 13 - 4 week periods per year, not monthly. I would like to see this option added as well.

    Thank youf or the feedback--I

    Thank you for the feedback--I will pass along to our Product Management team.

    "The Value" Confuses Ask the User

    All of my current reports now have "The Value" when we are asking the User to fill in the blank. It's definitely confusing all of our users. This feature should be controlled by the developer. Please revert back to the old way as soon as possible.

    Thanks Gilbert--I've added

    Thanks Gilbert--I've added your note to the request to look at this issue--the Product Management team is looking at this now...I will reach out to you when I know our next steps.

    "the value" dropdown

    I completely agree with Jason’s comment about the new “the value” dropdown.  I was reviewing the release notes specifically to find out why the new dropdown is on all of the prompts in the reports I created.  This new prompt is bound to create confusion for our users.  Although the new comparison feature may be valuable, I don’t understand why adding it meant that all prompts got the new feature.  It should be something that report developers can control.

    In addition, I don’t see anything in the documentation stating that the new feature would create any change to the user experience for reports.  But I may have missed it.

    Can this feature be optional?  Is there a way to disable it and make it an option on the prompts of the report developer’s choosing? 

    Thanks Scott (and Jason)--I

    Thanks Scott (and Jason)--I can see that this issue is an important one--I have spoken to Product Management about this and the team will absolutely take a closer look. Thanks once again for your feedback...I will reach out to you when I know more.

    "the Value" drop down

    With this new compare feature, my normal _ask_ reports have the extra "the value" drop down.  Can this be removed?

    Hi Jason, This is great

    Hi Jason,

    This is great feedback on the feature--I will forward this request over to our Product Management team...I will say that we have no current plans to remove this feature from the "ask_the_user" reports...but I will certainly make sure we evaluate this feedback for the future. Thanks for sending.

    Good improvement. Needs to incorporate "OR" conditions also

    I would like to see the option for filtering with "AND/OR" options




    if(planned start is empty

    or planned start is on or before 10/10/10

    or actual end is not empty)

    and required is checked


    Now we have to use custom formula column for this purpose.

    Hope you will do this soon.

    Hi Jorly, Thanks for the

    Hi Jorly,

    Thanks for the feedback. The feature you're requesting is indeed on our roadmap and the team is engaged in design discussions now. Stay tuned!

    font color

    when will you be able to change the color of a word, like you can do in Excel, Word, etc.?   EX:would like to be able to color certain words:Disconnected, Evergreen, etc. within my notes, etc. and not color the column.

    I don’t believe what you

    I don’t believe what you asked for is on our current roadmap…however, you may be able to accomplish what you want to do by using HTML tags in your text fields—here’s the help topic:

    Thanks for your feedback—I’ll pass it along to our Product Management team.

    Fiscal year or quarter designation

    I'm glad you've added this component to report creation, but I wonder if you could allow greater customization for the period in question than simply saying the fiscal year begins the first week of a month. More beneficial to our reporting would be able to set specific dates and have that period of time apply across the application. As it currently stands, every report has a filter regimen that has to be duplicated repeatedly and altered annually. Being able to create an established period of time that would apply throughout the app would make work easier for the more casual users of our database.

    Thanks, David. I will pass

    Thanks, David. I will pass this message along to our product management team.  The ability to define the first month of the fiscal year is one of the first steps we’ve taken in enhancing the reporting capabilities of QuickBase. We value your feedback—we’ll definitely consider it as we move forward with future improvements!

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