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QuickBase Release Notes: December 9, 2012

This page describes our December 2012 QuickBase release.

Do you have an idea for improving QuickBase?  You can share your suggestions by either clicking the orange feedback tab on the My QuickBase page, or visiting the Customer Feedback for Intuit QuickBase forum (

What's New in QuickBase?

The December release introduces the following enhancements:

Email Management Enhancements

We’ve added several features that improve app managers’ and admins’ ability to manage emails in an app.

  • Show a single list of all emails for all tables in an app. This feature is available from the Manage notifications, subscriptions, & reminders link on the Management tab under Customize > Applications.

  • Activate or deactivate multiple emails at once using the buttons at the top of any list of emails.

  • Transfer ownership of any email by editing the email, then clicking the Change link that now appears next to the Owner field.

Billing History Visibility

QuickBase now provides a comprehensive view of your billing account activity and billing history, accessible from the new View Billing History link on the Manage Billing Account page. This page provides a comprehensive view of your billing account, including change history and billing history.

If you pay for QuickBase by credit card, you can also obtain copies of your monthly receipts from this page without contacting QuickBase Support. See the sample below:

Mobile Form Rules

If you’ve ever been faced with the “form rules not supported” message when using our mobile site, you’ll be glad to hear that the QuickBase mobile site now supports form rules.





By default, if no field was selected, new fields were added to the top of the Fields list. New fields are now added just before the built-in fields, which appear at the bottom of the list.


Copying a field now prompts the user to rename the field.


User counts shown on the Manage Billing Account pages used to include QuickBase Customer Support reps that had been given access to apps in the account. These users are no longer included in the totals displayed there.


What’s Fixed in QuickBase?

We’re continuing to focus on quality and have fixed a number of bugs in this release. All QuickBase releases include bug fixes from previous releases.




Using an API to copy a phone number from a parent record to a child record made the resulting phone number appear garbled on the form until the record was saved. This issue has been resolved.


After copying an app, any buttons created by the CopyParentChild wizard still pointed to the original app. This issue has been resolved.


If a field name contained special characters copied from a Microsoft Office application, attempting to set custom field permissions for that field would fail with an error message.  This issue has been resolved.


If the Fields dropdown was set to “No access” when editing, it would appear as “Custom access” with all the fields set to “No access” after the role was saved. This issue has been resolved.


The Search box shown in List-User fields was not filtering names correctly when used inside a filter term. This issue has been resolved.


When attempting to set a role’s permissions for a table, the user’s choice was not saved. This issue has been resolved.


Application space table statistics listed in various places within QuickBase now use the same units.

QBE007104, QBE007105

Importing data that included many placeholder users, then attempting to add a new user to the app could cause a server slowdown or crash. This issue has been resolved.


When viewing a form, Text – Multi-line fields that are disabled and empty look like checkboxes. This issue has been resolved.


(Firefox only) Returning to the Fields list using the browser’s Back button caused the New Fields button to be disabled. This issue has been resolved.


On the Manage User’s page, filtering by role did not update the total to show the number of users in that role. This issue has been resolved.


In some cases, displaying a report after customizing prompted the user for a report name instead of using a default report name. This issue has been resolved.


Checking the Delete upon save checkbox for a file attachment removed the ability to see the revision history for that field. This issue has been resolved.


A nonfunctional New <record> option appeared on the grid edit toolbar even when the user’s role did not have “add record” permission for that table. This issue has been resolved.


Only the first page of an unsaved multi-page report displayed on the mobile site. This issue has been resolved.


Clicking Apply Changes after using Grid Edit on a report would sort the report. This issue has been resolved.


A number of display issues affecting append-only Text fields have been resolved.


Attempting to view a record from a report link on the mobile site resulted in an error message. This issue has been resolved.


Form rules used to compare User fields did not work when viewing a record. This issue has been resolved.


Viewing reports in the new QuickBase

I like the improvements in the new QuickBase, however, viewing reports is difficult.  There appears to be a lot more white space and the headers take up half the page.  Also forms look very different in their new format and are hard to read.  Is there going to be a way to reformat to make this more readable as some of our forms are quite involved and this new format will be very difficult for the users. 

I agree.  The lack of

I agree.  The lack of 'borders' within the headers makes the reports look sloppy and hard to read.

RE: 'I agree. The lack of'


I encourage you to visit our User Voice site to log your feedback about the new report formatting, which you can find here:




"New QuickBase" release notes coming soon

Hi Vickie --

If you are using the new QuickBase, a separate set of release notes covering changes specifically for the new QuickBase should be making its way to you soon. You'll be happy to know that there is a new user preference for setting UI spacing included in the December release.



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