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QuickBase Release Notes: December 4, 2011

In our December release, we have added several features specific to trial users to QuickBase. See the sections below for further information.

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What's New in QuickBase?

The December release introduces the following new features:

You also can read about these features in the online help after the release.

We have also included some behind-the-scenes work in this release that lays the foundation for future UI improvements. To learn more about the changes, which are primarily of interest to account and application administrators, see the new KnowledgeBase article on the topic.

"Get Started" Display

Trial users who create an application after the December 2011 release will see two special panes on the left of the application dashboard. The Your Progress and Trial Resources panes contain links to guide trial users through creating an application and learning more about QuickBase.


Application developers can choose to display this content to non-trial users by customizing the application dashboard. (Note that the Your Progress pane will only display if the user has administrative permissions for the application.)

"What is..." Guides

Trial users who begin to customize roles, fields, relationships, forms, reports, or emails will see an expandable  "What is..." panel that provides a quick explanation of these important QuickBase entities, as well as links to video and online help resources to learn more.

Hide New and Updated Flags

Application administrators now have the ability to hide flags for an application. If this has been done for an application you use, the and  icons will not appear when records have changed, and the user-level menu options to clear New and Updated flags will not be shown.

Separately, any QuickBase user may choose to hide flags in all their applications, for themselves only. Flags are now hidden by default for new QuickBase users.

What’s Fixed in QuickBase?

We’re continuing to focus on quality and have fixed a number of bugs in this release. (As always, all QuickBase releases include bug fixes from previous releases.) 




On the Application Site Map, the Variables link (under Customize) was incorrect. This issue has been resolved.


The API_GetSchema and API_GetDBInfo API calls now include a time_zone response parameter that specifies the timezone that the application is in.


When creating a new application from a template with a List - User field, the field did not correctly pre-fill the user who created the application. This issue has been resolved.


Email notifications sent to a specific list of users in a field did not accept a List - User field as a valid user. This issue has been resolved, and you can now specify an Email, User, or List - User field in brackets [like this] as an email address to send notifications to.


(introduced in the October 2011 release) In Chrome, calendar reports display the first day of each work week in all gray. This issue has been resolved.


If a File Attachment field had a field name with certain special characters (such as "&" or "<"), the Manage File Attachments page could not display or manage information for the table with that field. This issue has been resolved.


In applications created from the Project Manager Plus template, the Add Similar Project button caused an error due to a missing application token. This issue has been resolved.


The usersandroles request parameter for API_CloneDatabase did not appear in the API documentation. This issue has been resolved.


Another new feature is missing from the What's new List.

In this release, when you create an email notification of OPEN type, you now have the ability to include fields from your table that contain email addresses or user fields. If you have multiple such fields, you need to comma delimit them.

Hitherto, you could only type specific email addressess.

Please make this clear in the instructions on the new email notification page and also let the users select the fields from a drop-down, instead of merely typing them, to avoid typos.

see QBE005568

Hi Surya --

I believe you are referring to QBE005568, described above. My understanding of this issue was that QuickBase users have  had the ability you mentioned, and the fix in the December 2011 release was only meant to add List-User fields to the field types already allowed (Email and User) in the Notify Whom field when creating an email notification.

Regarding your request for a drop-down field and explanation on the email notification screen, we're gathering these types of requests on our UserVoice site ( We're using this site to gather and evaluate customer feedback for use in our product planning.

Thanks for writing in!


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