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QuickBase Release Notes: January 22, 2012

In our January release, we have added several features to QuickBase. See the sections below for further information.

Do you have an idea for improving QuickBase?  You can share your suggestions by either clicking the orange feedback tab on the My QuickBase page, or visiting the Customer Feedback for Intuit QuickBase forum (

What's New in QuickBase?

The January 22 release introduces the following new features:

You also can read about these features in the online help after the release.

We have also included some behind-the-scenes work in this release that lays the foundation for future UI improvements. To learn more about the changes, which are primarily of interest to account and application administrators, see the KnowledgeBase article on the topic.

Mobile Web Version of QuickBase

Mobile QuickBase is a mobile-friendly version of the QuickBase website that displays automatically when you open QuickBase in your mobile browser. Use the mobile site on your smartphone or tablet to view your applications on-the-go.

We support the following mobile operating systems:

  • Apple iOS 3.1+

  • Android 2.1+

For now, the mobile QuickBase site only allows viewing applications. You cannot modify applications within the mobile site, but you can switch quickly to the regular QuickBase site (called the full site) in your mobile browser for tasks such as editing or adding records, creating new reports, or modifying your application's structure.

Hide "Test as role" Feature for Roles

You can now choose to hide the "Test as role" feature from the User Interface for any role.  If you hide the feature for a role, users in that role will no longer see the Test as role option in the Sign in as menu.

Choose to show or hide the Test as role option by selecting Customize > Roles, then choosing the role you want to edit. In the Menus section of the User Interface tab, show or hide the Test as role option for that role. 

Personal Report Subscriptions

As requested on UserVoice, QuickBase users and application administrators may now create report subscriptions for personal reports.

What’s Fixed in QuickBase?

We’re continuing to focus on quality and have fixed a number of bugs in this release. (As always, all QuickBase releases include bug fixes from previous releases.)

Form UI Issues

Issue Description
QBE001877, QBE004605 Under some circumstances, it was not possible to remove a field from a form. This issue has been resolved.
QBE004714, QBE005171, QBE005301 When editing a record, the "?" Help icon displayed on a new line (instead of to the right of the field) when the Help property was defined for a reference field with a conditional behavior. This issue has been resolved.
QBE005411 Apostrophes did not display correctly for built-in fields on forms. This issue has been resolved.
QBE005413 Fields on a form were vertically middle-aligned when they appeared on the same row in a section that had been set to show field labels above fields. This issue has been resolved, and the fields are now correctly top-aligned.
QBE005675 Table headers in a record appeared above the grey overlay used when a record was being saved. This issue has been resolved.

Grid Edit Issues

Issue Description
QBE001765 Conflict Resolution of edits to a proxy field in Grid Edit would not proceed after the user clicked Begin Conflict Resolution. This issue has been resolved.
QBE004372 The Grid Edit conflict dialog did not display large amounts of text gracefully, and the button to dismiss the error message was not accessible in this case. This issue has been resolved.
QBE005470 On Apple iPhones and iPads, checkbox fields could not be checked in Grid Edit. This issue has been resolved.
QBE005533 When using Grid Edit on multi-line text fields, line breaks were incorrectly treated as editing conflicts. This issue has been resolved.
QBE005556 When using Grid Edit on a proxy field that proxies for a text field, false editing conflict errors were reported. This issue has been resolved.
QBE005579Editing a proxy field in Grid Edit resulted in a “Look-up fields are not editable” message if the source field in the master table was set to view only. This issue has been resolved.

Summary Report Issues

Issue Description
QBE003694 In cross-tab summary reports grouped on a Formula - Duration field, that field sorted as text rather than numerically. This issue has been resolved.
QBE005425 In summary reports grouped on a Date/Time field, clicking through to view details of the groups did not display the individual records. This issue has been resolved.
QBE005563 In crosstab summary reports, using Combine on a Numeric field resulted in the report sorting as text rather than numerically. This issue has been resolved.
QBE005619 In cross-tab summary reports with row grouping by First Word, links to records in the row groupings did not work. This issue has been resolved.

Other Issues

Issue Description
QBE001863 Reports with <ask the user> selection criteria for a Reference field returned no records if the user selected <anything>. This issue has been resolved; selecting <anything> now returns all records as expected.
QBE004802 Personal reports were not copied when you copied an application.  This issue has been resolved; personal reports are now copied automatically when you copy an application.
QBE005227 When a role was denied access to a field, and another role allowed access to Everyone on the Internet, setting table-level access to None in the second role did not successfully bar a user in the first role from accessing the field denied to him. The issue was resolved by adding a No Access option for fields in the Role Permissions tab when customizing roles.
QBE005244 When creating an email notification in Chrome, and viewing Additional criteria, the checkboxes for notifying about specific field changes displayed by default, even though the When any field changes radio button was selected. This issue has been resolved.
QBE005321 The button names on the Confirm Navigation dialog in Chrome were not consistent with the dialog text. The Confirm Navigation dialog displays when you have unsaved changes and attempt to navigate away from the current page. This issue has been resolved.
QBE005334 Creating a sandbox, copying an application, and cloning an application did not retain the original application's current revision setting for an attachment field. This issue has been resolved.
QBE005429 Calls to API_GetRecordInfo were replacing newline characters (\n) in text fields with <br/> tags. This issue has been resolved; those characters now appear correctly as "&#010;".
QBE005430Extremely long formulas with syntax errors caused the formula syntax error dialog to display incorrectly. This issue has been resolved.
QBE005465 When entering email addresses to share an application with a new user, separating the email addresses by a semicolon and space caused duplicate users to appear in the email address field and to be created in the application. This issue has been resolved.
QBE005529 When creating or editing a report, it was possible to select fields that were not reportable for sorting, filtering, or display. This issue has been resolved.
QBE005558 The user status in SAML realms could be inaccurate and confusing.  This issue has been resolved.
QBE005580 On forms in Safari for Windows, you could not pick <Select another user...> in a User dropdown.  This issue has been resolved.
QBE005613 In Internet Explorer 7 and 8, if the Filter Criteria Builder included a date field as the second criteria, under certain circumstances you were unable to select a date.  This issue has been resolved.
QBE005618 You were able to add duplicate fields to a form.  This issue has been resolved.
UPDATE as of 1/31/2012: This QuickBase release has been patched to allow duplicate fields on a form when the field type does not allow data entry. For example, formulas, report links, and summary fields can now be duplicated on a form.
QBE005620 Advanced Find was not defaulting to the correct table if the first table in the application was hidden for the role.  This issue has been resolved.
QBE005645The Find > Advanced Find menu option no longer appears when there are no tables visible.
QBE005648 The Exact Form custom code in the online help has been updated to prevent caching when loading reports. 
QBE005660 The documentation did not clearly explain how sharing an application with "Everyone on the Internet" interacts with testing roles. This issue has been resolved.
QBE005663 In Safari, using the keyboard to navigate QuickBase menus closed the Find menu prematurely. This issue has been resolved.
QBE005664 In Firefox, selecting text or clicking in the Find field (available from the Find menu) using the mouse would fail. This issue has been resolved.
QBE005666 When resetting a password, you could enter one longer than 20 characters, but the QuickBase login screen did not recognize the longer password. This issue has been resolved, and 20 characters is now the maximum length for a password.
QBE005685 When access to applications in a QuickBase realm had been limited by IP address, and an API call originated from an IP address that was not allowed, QuickBase returned an "unknown" error. This issue has been resolved, and that error has been assigned error code 19 (Unknown IP address).
QBE005695 When creating a new application, pressing Enter after typing the application name would cancel the action and display the My QuickBase page. This issue has been resolved; pressing Enter now correctly creates the application.
QBE005700 When placeholders were replaced with user data, the changes were not being saved. This issue has been resolved.
QBE005704 The Partners & Add-ons menu option was missing from the Help menu. This issue has been resolved.
QBE005709In some cases, form rules involving Duration formulas would not fire. This issue has been resolved.


Qbase reports viewed on Safari

Hi - A user of a Qbase app I developed uses Safari. When scrolling through a 'list all' report, the top row, and the left column do not 'freeze in place' as they do in IE8. I noticed this on Firefox 3.6.28 too. Are there plans to expand the 'freeze frame' capability for top row and left column to browsers other then IE ?

Thanks, Jo

re: reports on Safari

Hi Jo --

To the best of my knowledge, we haven't done anything special to make those "freeze frames" happen in IE. It may be some browser-specific capability. As you know, IE8 is very different from Firefox and Safari, so it may well have different behavior while using QuickBase as well.



Hide "Test as role" Feature for Roles

Please also add the ability to hide Quickbase standard menu options at the Role level.  Currently you can hide just about everything at the role level, but you can't hide the "Signed in as", "Alerts" or "My Quickbase" button at the role level.  You have to do this at the application level. 

When you introduced the "Test role level as" functionality (August 2011), I requested this change be made since we have on our main application all of the QB stuff at the top hidden from most roles and we want to keep it that way.  

However, I would really like to use the "Test role as" functionality, but I haven't been able tot because to show it on my Administrator role, I have to make the "Signed in as", "Alerts" or "My Quickbase" button visible .... at the application level and therefore visible to all roles.

Tony A.

Regarding your suggestions --

Hi Tony --

Regarding your suggestions -- we've been collecting all user suggestions on UserVoice (accessible via the "feedback" button on the My QuickBase page, or at This central repository for product suggestions gives our product managers a way to look at all the suggestions in one place. If you could enter them there (or vote for them if someone got there ahead of you!), you'd be sure that your suggestions would be seen.



Reports and Dashboard don't display properly on mobile version

I manage two applications and each has the same issues with the mobile version. Results are from an iPhone running iOS 5.0.1

1) The dashboard is not displayed (only one of the buttons). Our dashboards contain text and links to key reports and forms.

2) For all reports, none of the fields selected for the report display. The only way to get details is to click on a row, but that displays the fields on the form, not those selected for the report.

Because of the above, we will not be able to use the mobile version of quickbase at this time.


mobile site limitations

Hi Jim --

Regarding item 1: It sounds like you've encountered one of the mobile site limitations -- the mobile dashboard does not include any text sections that appear in the desktop dashboard. If you'd like to leave feedback about the contents of the mobile dashboard, please use the orange feedback tab on the left side of the My QuickBase page.

Regarding item 2: If any of those reports were table reports, you may have run into a bug. Mobile table reports should display the first two columns of report data. Please contact Customer Support by entering a new case at to work through this issue.

For more information on the QuickBase mobile site, see these help topics: and

Thanks for writing in!

Duplicate Fields on Forms

There are cases where it is handy to have duplicate fields on forms. For example on a long form it's handy to have duplicate places where you can click a link or button.

Hi Ming -- As of 1/31/2012,

Hi Ming --

As of 1/31/2012, we have patched QuickBase to allow duplicate fields on a form when the field type does not allow data entry. For example, formulas, report links, and summary fields can now be duplicated on a form. Hope this helps your use cases.



Mobile forms

Will there be diiferent forms for each role for mobile and normal? if user access Quickbase from mobile, they should see a form and when accessed from computer they should see another form.


re: Mobile forms

Hi Jorly --

That functionality is still being developed -- watch for further announcements in future QuickBase Release Notes.




"On forms in Windows Safari..."

Apple, Inc. creates the Safari browser.

There is a version of Safari for the Widows operation system but it is refered to as Safari for Windows, not Windows Safari.

good catch!

Corrected above.

And that's "Windows operating system" :)


Unfortunately the mobile feature you are adding will be a step back for us as we use Android tablets to enter data into QB multiple times across multiple users every day. We use tablet mostly because these user are not often the best computer users.

We will now have to train the how to get to the full site.

If forms could be mobile for better entry this would have been a big win.


coming soon...

We are actively working on add/edit functionality for the new mobile web version, but didn't want to hold back this release until that functionality was complete.  

We understand that customers are actively adding data using the full site on their mobile devices, and you can still do that. On the sign in page and throughout the mobile web version you can easily switch to the full site to access functionality that is not yet exposed in the mobile site.  Once you go to the full site, your experience will be exactly as it is today for the duration of your session. 

Thanks for writing! We're glad that you're using QuickBase on mobile devices.



First rule: do no harm

Every time I bring up Quickbase on my mobile browser, I now have to fiddle through the menu to get to the full site to do my work. And it's no good to leave my session up in a browser window -- when I return to it after a while, I will again find myself in the "deprecated" mobile site, and have to again ask for the full site. Could you please let my choice to use the full site become persistent across browser sessions? Thanks!

coming soon...

Geoff --

We're sorry you're encountering this issue -- thanks for writing in and letting us know about it. Unfortunately, there isn't currently a way to default to the full site. However, you can choose to go to the full site directly from the signin page by clicking the "go to full site" link.

We are currently planning a change to allow a user to store a device-specific configuration option, so you can default to signing in to the full site.  The current plan is to release this with the next major release. We hope this will address your issue.



When will edit be available?

Do you have any idea or timeframe when the edit functionality will be available? Seems like a major drawback to only be able to view the data.

Edit functionality is under development

Hi Shaun --

Thanks for writing! Our developers are working to add this functionality to the product, but as you probably realize, companies aren't fond of the "forward-looking statement". So we won't be releasing information on when this feature will be available until the official announcement goes out. We realize our customers are impatient for this functionality, and as soon as we're sure that it will delight customers, the release wheels will start to turn.





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