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QuickBase Release Notes: March 11, 2012

In our March QuickBase release, we continued to improve the QuickBase UI and added the option to send email notifications from a user in a specific field.  See the sections below for further information.

Do you have an idea for improving QuickBase?  You can share your suggestions by either clicking the orange feedback tab on the My QuickBase page, or visiting the Customer Feedback for Intuit QuickBase forum (

What's New in QuickBase?

The March release introduces the following new features:

You also can read about these features in the online help after the release.

New Look for the My QuickBase Page

We have made several changes to the My QuickBase page to help you quickly find your applications and create new applications from templates. These changes include:

  • New icons for applications and templates when you select Display > Icons

    •  An application in which you are the manager

    • An application that you haven't used yet, such as an application that has been newly shared with you by another QuickBase user.

    •  All other applications that you can access

    • Application template

  • The sections that used to appear on the left side of the page (including Admin, Get Started, Ask an Expert, and QuickBase News sections) moved to the right side of the page.

Send Email Notifications from a User Listed in a Specific Field

You can now send email notifications from a user listed in a specific field on a changed record, if you have set the notification to be triggered on single-record operations only and have registered your email domain with QuickBase.  The user in the field must be in the company's email domain. 

QuickBase sends the notification from the application manager’s email address instead if the field is empty, or if the user in the field is not a Registered QuickBase user in the company's email domain with permission to access the record's table. In these cases, a copy of the notification is also sent to the application manager.

Improvements to the Customize > Table > Permissions Tab

In our last release, we gave most of the tabs you use to customize your tables a makeover as part of our ongoing effort to make the QuickBase UI more intuitive.  In this release, we are continuing to improve the look of the customize table tabs by releasing updates to the Permissions tab.  Access this tab by selecting Customize > Tables from the menu bar on any application page. 


You'll find the following changes on the Permissions tab, in addition to the new look:

  • The Fields column for Custom Field Access no longer appears on the tab, because this column supplied information only and did not allow you to set custom field access.

  • We changed the name of the Full Admin setting to Edit Field Properties to make the setting title more descriptive.

Return of Grid Edit Settings on the Customize > Table > Forms Tab

We're listening!  In our February 2012 release, we removed the Grid Edit form settings for roles and reports from the Customize > Tables > Forms tab.  We heard from several customers that these settings were useful, and in this release, we have returned these two Grid Edit form settings to the Forms tab.

What’s Fixed in QuickBase? 

We’re continuing to focus on quality and have fixed a number of bugs in this release. (As always, all QuickBase releases include bug fixes from previous releases.)

General Issues




When using the GenAddRecordForm API call, passing in a User field or a List - User field value using email address or screen name did not work. The issue has been resolved.

QBE005710, QBE005773

If you had more tables than could fit in the Table bar on one screen, the Table menu displayed incorrectly for the last Table in the bar, and the Table bar displayed incorrectly.  These issues have been resolved.


In a form, if you right-clicked on a text field and selected "Edit the field properties", you received an error message, unless there was another field on the same row.  This issue has been resolved.


If you selected to display icons on the My QuickBase page, the Tools menu included the "Edit Categories" option, even though the Icon view does not include category information.  This issue has been resolved; the option has been removed from the Tools menu in Icon view. 

QBE005731, QBE005756

In a form, if you right-clicked on a field directly above the first column of an embedded report, the field menu was hidden by the embedded report.  This issue has been resolved.


The link to Application Properties in the Application Site Map did not go to the correct location.  This issue has been resolved; the link now opens the Customize >  Application > Settings tab.


If you added a relationship while creating an application from scratch, a duplicate reference field was created as a reference proxy on the details table. This issue has been resolved.


The online help for the Test as Role feature contained incorrect information regarding how the feature behaves when the user is part of a group.  This online help has been updated with the correct information.

Customize > Table Tab Issues

The following issues were resolved on the table customization Fields, Relationships, Forms, Reports, Emails, and Properties tabs.



QBE005811, QBE005833, QBE005837,

We resolved several general issues for the Customize > Table tabs, including:

  • When you hovered over items with tooltips, the items would move slightly.

  • The checkboxes on the Fields, Reports, and Email tabs were misaligned.

  • There also was no visual indicator for newly added items on the Fields, Relationships, Forms, and Emails tabs.

QBE005802, QBE005804, QBE005806, QBE005812, QBE005819, QBE005820, QBE005832, QBE005836

We resolved several issues on the Fields tab, including:

  • The checkboxes were not aligned properly if you filtered the fields by searching.

  • If you added a new field, the tab did not scroll to the newly added field. 

  • The Info column did not indicate if a field was unique.

  • The Fields table header row did not scroll correctly when you scrolled down and to the right.

  • The cursor did not remain active in the Search field after a search completed.

  • The Delete button would appear enabled or disabled based on whether the last field selected could be deleted. This issue has been resolved; the button is now enabled if any selected fields can be deleted, and disabled if none of the selected fields can be deleted.

  • (Internet Explorer versions 7 and 8) The cursor should change to an arrow when hovering over a checkbox.

  • (introduced in the February 2012 release) In a Sandbox application, you could reorder fields.  You also could not delete duplicate fields in a Sandbox application.


The Forms & Roles and the Form Usage links in the Application Site Map should be combined into a single "Customize Forms" link that opens the Forms tab.  This issue has been resolved.


The Delete button was always enabled on the Reports tab, even if you had only reports that could not be deleted.  This issue has been resolved; the Delete button is only enabled if the report list contains reports that can be deleted.

QBE001484, QBE005786, QBE005814

We resolved several issues on the Properties tab, including:

  • The Suppress edit button in reports option was not functional and should not appear on the tab.

  • The Identifying Records section was not open automatically on the tab if you navigated to the tab by selecting Change Record Picker Fields from the Reports tab More menu.

  • If you opened the Identifying Records section and/or the Advanced Properties section on the tab, navigated away from the tab, and then navigated back to the Properties tab, the sections were closed.


New & Updated Flags

If new and updated flags could be removed one by one, it would make the process of managing/tracking multiple incidents easier as you can instantly see from your dashboard, which incidents have been actioned and which remain to be actioned.

This would make a marked improvement to the management of my application as the users typically stay in Quickbase all day and pick up items that require to be actioned one by one. It is easier to see at a glance which ones are new and which have been dealt with (similar to an email inbox where the unread emails are marked differently from read emails).

Kind Regards,


re: flags

Hi Sonia --

We hear your request -- just keep an eye on the release notes for upcoming releases.

Thanks for writing!


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