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QuickBase Release Notes: October 27, 2013

This page describes our October 27, 2013 QuickBase release.

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What's New in QuickBase?

Download the Release Notes PDF for complete details. Or, watch the video:

The October 27 release includes:

  • Introducing: QuickBase Exchange
    QuickBase Exchange is a place where you can find and share free QuickBase apps. It is a good way to make use of other QuickBase app builders' expertise, and get a fully-functional app much faster than you could if you built it from scratch. If you have some great apps that you've built, we invite you to share them to the Exchange -- to help other app builders and get recognition for your skills.

  • Introducing: Drag & Drop App Home Pages
    You can now build new app Home pages using drag & drop widgets: Reports & Charts, Formatted Text, Button Bar, Link Bar, Search, and Web Page. Your old Home pages will continue to work, but new Home pages are built using the new drag & drop functionality.

  • Introducing: Address Fields and Map Reports
    We've added a new Address field type, which has built-in address search functionality, sub-fields for components of an address, and (on mobile) support for entering an address based on GPS coordinates. There's also a new Map report type, which uses data from an Address
    field to display a set of up to 100 addresses as pins on a map.

  • Email Enhancements
    We've made some improvements to our email functionality. Now you can rename reminders and subscriptions, choose who the email will be sent from. You can choose which day of the month a subscription is sent on, and select multiple roles to send a subscription to. For the full list, see the Release Notes PDF, below.

  • Reports Management Enhancement
    The Manage Reports page, available from App Settings > App Management, now contains a column showing the number of times a report has been used.


Old apps and new home pages

How do I get my exisisting apps running with the new home page functionallity?

re: old apps and new home pages

Your existing app Home pages will continue to work. They will be shown with a type of Home Page (Old) on the Pages list. You can still edit them, but only in the ways you could before (that is, you can’t add the new widgets to them).

You’ll need to create a new app Home page to take advantage of the new functionality. We encourage you to experiment and see how easy it is to re-create your Home pages using the new widgets. 



Dashboard Customization

Although I love the new widgets there appears to be one missing; or capability on the text-widget missing.  How do we now create our own custom-dashboard section where we can build a section in HTML like we used to?  I don't see a way to set a text-section as HTML to build customized "link" tables etc.

Hi Laura, To add a custom

Hi Laura,


To add a custom HTML section to a new-style home page, you can create a new Code Page to include the HTML. Then you can display that page in a web widget.




Intuit QuickBase

use code page in web page widget



I'm pretty new to coding, but I have some in a Code Page that I want to call up in my Web Page Widget on my homepage. How do I find the address to enter into the Web Page Widget, so it calls up my code page?





RE:use code page in web page widget

Hi Brent,


To use a code page in a Web Widget, you'll want an address that looks like this:


It will have the same URL as your app's home page, with the page ID of your code page listed at the end. If you go to Home > Settings > Pages and edit the code page you want to use, its page ID will be in the URL up in your address bar.





When do these new features roll out?

Hello, The new features were



The new features were released this past Sunday, October 27th.


- Brian

Intuit QuickBase

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