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Tell me more about the new security requirements included in the September 2011 release?

In the September 2011 release, we will be changing our password requirements for all users who log in interactively using QuickBase authentication. These include strengthened password requirements, and the introduction of a security question and answer.

When you access QuickBase after the September 2011 release, you will see a message at the top of the screen, asking you to update your security credentials by March 12, 2012. If you click the link in the message and perform the requested update, the message will no longer appear. 

When you update your security credentials, if your password does not meet our new requirements, you will be prompted to change it. Also, if you do not have a security question set, you will be prompted to set one.

After March 12, 2012, if you have not performed the update, you will be required to do so. Also, if you use the “Keep me signed in…" functionality, and you have not signed in between the September 2011 release and March 12, 2012, you will be automatically signed out and asked to sign back in as part of the update.

  1. What are the new password requirements? Passwords must be 8-20 characters, and must contain both numeric and non-numeric characters. If you are in a realm other than, your realm administrator may also have set other restrictions.
  2. Who will be affected? Everyone who logs in using QuickBase authentication.
  3. My company has a single sign-on system. If I log in using my corporate username and password, will I be affected? No. The new security requirements do not apply to users who log in to QuickBase using their corporate single sign-on system.
  4. What if I have access to more than one realm, will I be required to update multiple passwords? Note: is a realm.
    If your password in more than one realm does not comply with the new requirements, you will be required to update each of those passwords separately.
  5. Can I proactively change my password(s) before the September 2011 release so that my work is not disrupted? Yes, but for the smoothest user experience you will also need to log out before the September 2011 release, and log back in afterward.
  6. If some of my scripts rely on a user account with a password that does not comply with the new requirements, will my scripts stop working? For the September 2011 release, no. Accounts used for scripting only (no interaction with the browser) will eventually be required to comply with the password requirements as well. For the smoothest transition, we strongly encourage you to log in interactively, change your password to comply with the new requirements, and update your scripts to use the new password before you are required to.
  7. If I stay logged in through the "Keep me signed in" option and have forgotten my password, how will I be able to update my password? You will need to contact Customer Support to reset your password between now and March 12, 2012.
  8. What is the security question? We're now asking each user to set a security question (essentially, a question about yourself) and answer it. If you ever need to reset your password, we'll ask you for the answer to this question. The answer helps us verify that it's actually you, and not someone trying to compromise your account.
  9. What if I have access to more than one realm, will I be required to create more than one security question/answer? Note: is a realm.
    No; each user will have only one security question.


My password meets the

My password meets the criteria.

please contact support

If your password meets the criteria from step 1 above, and it is not being accepted as a valid password, please contact QuickBase Support directly to try to find a solution: While we monitor the comments approval queue regularly, there is no guarantee that we will see or respond to your question more quickly than the support team will be able to help you.



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