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What updates have been made to address the issues found in the September 30th release?

Following the release on Sept. 30th, customers reported issues with performance, printing, creating reports, and form rules. Some of these issues affected all our customers, while others affected only a few. This article summarizes the issues we've been fixing related to the September 30th release. It will be updated with information on all patches to this release.


Note: We're routing all issues relating to this release through Customer Support: Please enter a support case using that URL instead of adding a comment to this article or the Release Notes.


Patch A & B -  October 1, 2012




In a report, clicking anywhere in a row would open the record. This behavior has been removed from the product.


Displaying a record with more than 200 characters in a Text - Multi-line field that had been set to log entries caused a crash. This issue has been resolved.


The QuickBase HTTP API Guide toolbar and icons in the contents pane were not displaying correctly. This issue has been resolved. 


In Internet Explorer 8 and 9, the Advanced Find text box did not allow text to be entered. This issue has been resolved.


Reports printed as "one record per page" did not insert page breaks correctly. This issue has been resolved.


Form rules that involved checkboxes did not work properly. This issue has been resolved.


Patch C - October 2, 2012




The scroll location on a report was not maintained after editing a record. This issue has been resolved.                    


Editing or creating a report for a table with more than 1000 fields was very slow. This issue has been resolved.


Attempting to create an app using the ABC Project Manager 4 in 1 template would fail. This issue has been resolved.


Viewing the field properties of a summary field when the reference field had been removed from the details table in the relationship caused a crash. This issue has been resolved.


Patch D - October 3, 2012




In Internet Explorer, the keyboard shortcuts “t”, “[“, and “]” for entering dates did not work properly. This issue has been resolved.


Page content did not respond to pinch/zoom gestures on the iPad. This issue has been resolved.


Alert emails were not being sent to account administrators and app managers. This issue has been resolved.


In Internet Explorer 9, under certain conditions, the Table bar could be scrolled off the screen. This issue has been resolved.


Using the During filter while creating a report did not display the date range for the filter next to the filter term. This issue has been resolved.


In Internet Explorer 8, hovering over the Test as Role menu option would close the menu. This issue has been resolved.


In Internet Explorer 9, when viewing a large report in a non-maximized browser window, it was not possible to scroll horizontally to see the full width of the report. This issue has been resolved.


Under some circumstances, forms with form rules that change text in the record would display raw HTML or HTML entities. This issue has been resolved.


If a custom footer was set in a realm, it could cause controls at the bottom of the form to be overridden (clicking on a control would select the footer instead). In non-realm environments, the custom footer could obscure the controls at the bottom of the form. This issue has been resolved.


Reports were displayed at full screen width instead of being constrained by the width of the data in the report. This issue has been resolved.


In Internet Explorer, embedded reports on forms were causing display problems due to reaching the limit on the number of CSS files that could be included on one page. This issue has been resolved.


In Internet Explorer 9, attempting to add records using the blank lines on a grid edit report worked for the first record added, but editing the second blank record resulted in a permissions error. This issue has been resolved.


Some report display changes for printed reports have been reversed. Reports now display with horizontal lines above and below column headers and totals. In addition, Group-By values now  appear in bold, and the report will have an outer border.


Form rules with conditions using a Text – Multiple-choice field that contained special characters (for example, “&” or “-” did not trigger properly. This issue has been resolved.


The Last Visited column on the Manage Users page did not display both date and time. This issue has been resolved.


In Internet Explorer 8, a table bar menu with a scroll bar would not open after the first time it displayed. This issue has been resolved.


For a small number of customers who had changed the View and Edit buttons to their shortened forms, those buttons were not clickable. This issue has been resolved.


In Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox 14, the Copy Parent/Child wizard did not work. This issue has been resolved.


Patch E - October 4, 2012




When displaying results from a Find operation, the Save and Customize this report links no longer appeared at the top of the report. This issue has been resolved.


Sending a report to more than 20 people would silently fail after you confirmed that you wanted to send it. This issue has been resolved.


Embedded reports did not correctly align the report data when printing. This issue has been resolved.


In Internet Explorer, reports that had been added to a dashboard using iframes did not display the edit and view icons. This issue has been resolved.


Long field names wrapped to take up multiple rows when displayed in the report columns list. This issue has been resolved.


The Save button did not appear on the screen used to resolve conflicts when two people attempted to save changes to the same record. This issue has been resolved.


The column width of a Text field in a report would decrease if the field had more than 18 characters. This issue has been resolved.


The field property Display as a link to the related record could not be unchecked for reference and reference proxy fields. This issue has been resolved.


Internet Explorer 8 had performance issues after the September 30th release. This fix addresses some of those issues. This issue has been resolved.


In Internet Explorer 8 and 9, certain pages that displayed with minimal navigation and formatting (like the Print Preview window) did not show vertical scrollbars, even if they were needed. This issue has been resolved.


Replacement of ~field name~ with field data in Exact Forms did not work in some cases. This issue has been resolved.


Reports embedded in Exact Forms did not display correctly in some cases. This issue has been resolved.


Patch F - October 5, 2012




Layout and formatting did not display correctly on Exact Forms. This issue has been resolved.


Multiple spaces or linebreaks in field names were causing errors in displaying field names and embedded reports in Exact Forms. This issue has been resolved.


After the Override sub-field access field property value was changed, its value was not properly displayed. This issue has been resolved. This issue has been resolved.


Patch G - October 8, 2012




Reports did not display fixed and repeated headers. This issue has been resolved.


Printed table, summary, and timeline reports did not have vertical lines.  This issue has been resolved.


Text was vertically centered instead of top-aligned in report tables. This issue has been resolved.


Report column widths were too large.  This issue has been resolved.


Changing the table noun automatically replaced all instances of the noun in the application without prompting the user or giving them a choice of which places to do the replacement. This behavior has been replaced with the prompts used before the September 30th release.


Patch I - October 16, 2012




If a role had a newline in its description, the list of roles on the Manage Roles page was blank.  This issue has been resolved.


The Skip and Save and Next buttons did not appear when editing field properties. These buttons have been added next to the Save button.


The Duplicate Field and Delete Field buttons did not appear when editing field properties. These buttons now appear as links at the top of the page.


In Internet Explorer 9, the context menu that appeared when you clicked an Edit or View link did not contain the option to open the link in a new tab.  This issue has been resolved.


The List Changes report did not update properly after clearing the New and Changed flags.  This issue has been resolved.


When the user did not have permissions to save a shared report, creating a report and displaying it (instead of saving) caused the Save button shown above the report to become inactive.  This issue has been resolved.


The display of Text – Multi-line field data on email notifications was too narrow.  This issue has been resolved.


The Expand Section and Collapse Section commands were missing from the Actions menu on grid edit reports embedded in a form.  This issue has been resolved.


In Firefox and Chrome, the text entry area in append-only Text fields extended past the gray box containing previous entries in the field.  This issue has been resolved.


During an advanced search, clicking Customize does not preserve the search criteria (all records are displayed). This issue has been resolved.


Snapshot field settings were not being saved correctly. This issue has been resolved.


Report data displayed before it was properly formatted. This issue has been resolved.



Note: If you are experiencing issues with QuickBase since the September 30th release, the quickest way to bring them to our attention is to contact Customer Support and enter a case:


Intuit invoice not printing correctly

I am using an OLD version of Quickbooks - version 5.0.  I have never had any problem with it and have used it for years.  Recently, I transferred Quickbooks on to a different computer that uses Windows XP, which is the same platform that I was using on the other computer.  When I print out an invoice (regardless of which formatted invoice I use) the horizontal and vertical lines do not print out.  The data on the invoice prints, but the lines do not print.  I have two computers hooked up to the same printer.  Do you have any idea what could possibly be causing the lines not to print?  Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter.

wrong product area

Hi Susan --

You've reached an area of the Intuit website that is devoted to QuickBase, not QuickBooks. Please see this article for information on how to access QuickBooks support and community resources:




When printing reports specific to one table, two issues come up: 1) Alignment seems to be centered horizontally, making it difficult to discern; formerly the horizontal alignment was top; and 2) the count formerly seen at the top right above column header row no longer shows.

issues with the 9/30 release are being handled through Support

Hi Dorothy --

The first issue you reported might have been fixed -- see QBE007350 in Patch G above, but to get these issues in front of the right people, I strongly suggest you enter a case with Customer Support ( 



printing forms

When I print a form, the layout of some groups of fields print single spaced while other groups of fields print double spaced. These all used to print as single spaced before your upgrade. In the layout editor, I do not see any difference between these groups. Any thoughts?

please contact customer support

Hi Phil -  

That does sound like an issue related to this release. We're routing all issues relating to this release through Customer Support: Please enter a support case using that URL. 



Field Help Text does not display HTML

We used HTML in the Field Help Text which worked in the past.  With the upgrade, HTML no longer works.  Is this a bug or has this functionality been changed?

please contact customer support

Hi Art --

That does sound like an issue related to this release. We're routing all issues relating to this release through Customer Support: Please enter a support case using that URL. 



Print grid lines

Reports do not print with grid lines making it extremely difficult to read reports.

Hi Gordon --Take a look at

Hi Gordon --

Take a look at the issue QBE007301 fixed in Patch D as of last night, then try printing again. If you are not satisfied with the results, please enter an issue with Customer Support so that we can investigate:



Emailed Reports

I have set up a series of reports to be emailed to me daily so that I have a record of that report on that day.  I don't want to view it in quickbase, because that will show me the current report, so I view it in my email browser.  Upon the original Sep 30 release I don't think this changed (apart from the formatting of the report - which I don't understand why it is not the same as what I see in quickbase); but suddenly I am not able to view the full report in my browser.  I am using Google Chrome & gmail.

Hi -- I'm not able to

Hi --

I'm not able to diagnose what the problem you're experiencing is, so I'd suggest contacting Customer Support: Please enter a support case using that URL.



Beta Testing?

I imagine you all have testing that you perform on your updates prior to release, but it sounds like there were some issues that were not picked up by your standard testing which have caused headaches for your users.  The loss of the Customize this Report link and the Save & Next in field properties are particularly difficult obstacles for myself.

I was wondering if it would help to work with some of your clients to help test these expansions in a controlled environment prior to you releasing the product update?  I know of a few applications that I manage which would have been particularly good examples to test in this environment.  After the update is released is not exactly the best time to find out all of these issues your customers are being faced with.  If you do decide to setup a panel of testers, please let me know.

Hi Craig -I've passed on your

Hi Craig -

I've passed on your contact info to our product managers. No promises, but we do user testing and usability testing, and your apps may be useful for some of that. Thanks for volunteering!



Printing format of reports

If you could also please revert back to the printing format of reports as per the release prior to this one, vertical lines are not printing, Totals are not highlighted and no space follows totals and subtotals, sub headings are not highlighted. etc..... Just generally the print format was much better in the prvious release.

See Patch D

Hi --

See the listing for QBE007301 in the article above, which is scheduled to be included with Patch D later this evening. Perhaps this change will help?



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