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Since the July 2011 release, I'm getting prompted to save files rather than having them open in the browser as they always have. What's going on?

Prior to the July 2011 release, we allowed the behavior of file attachments stored in QuickBase to be handled by your browser, with the exception of requiring Microsoft Office documents to be downloaded rather than opened.

We changed this behavior in July 2011, since it posed a number of security risks. If a malicious executable file stored in QuickBase was allowed to open in your browser, your data or your session could be compromised.

The new behavior defines a list of file attachments that are allowed to open; all other file attachments generate a prompt to save the file to disk.

The file types on the list are:

  • Sound:  AIFF, WAV, FLAC, M4A, MP3, WMA, AAC, OGG, M3U, MPA
  • Video:  AVI, FLV, MPEG, MPG, M4V, MKV, MOV, WMV, 3GP
  • Image:  BMP, GIF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, RAW, TIFF, and TIF

Note: In response to customer feedback, we have temporarily (until 9/15) re-enabled support for opening HTML, HTM, and SWF file attachments. If you have file attachments of these types stored in QuickBase, and rely on them opening in your browser, please contact QuickBase Support ( to work toward potential solutions.


How to delete multiple records in our exception report

There use to be a way to make a mass delete option after sorting the records and now I can't seem to do that. am I missing something?

RE: How to delete multiple records in our exception report



If you want to mass delete records, you can use Grid Edit mode to do it quickly:

1. While viewing the table report, click Grid Edit.

2. Click in the empty box in the top-right corner ( see here for the location:

3. Push Delete on your keyboard.

4. Click Save to delete the records.


This will allow you to delete recrds page-by-page rather than one record at a time.




Viewing PDF attachment

Is it possible to open or view a PDF attachment from quickbase?  Thanks!

re: Viewing PDF attachment



My name is Brian from QuickBase Support. Unfortunately there is not a way to open or view a PDF directly from QuickBase, some web browsers do have this functionality (such as Google Chrome).




QuickBase Support

I cannot get picture when I export to spread sheet

Please advice on how to make picture show on spread sheet instead of picture link when you export the report into spread sheet

re: I cannot get picture when I export to spread sheet

Hi Suthtiwat,


My name is Brian from QuickBase Support. Spreadsheets are not able to display images, so that's the reason why QuickBase puts a link to the image there instead. I apologize for the confusion. If you have further questions about MS Excel features, please reach out to MS Office Support here:





I want to open Word attachments automatically in Word without having to save them first. This was working fine until recently. I used to get prompted to "OPEN" OR "SAVE" the file when I clicked the attachment. Now when I click on it I get a save box to save into a folder on the desktop.

What gives? How to I get to the settings so I can tell it to open these attachments in Word instead?



security risk

Hi Mark --

The article basically tells the whole story. Allowing Word documents (among others) to be automatically opened as you describe is a security risk. Suppose someone sent you a QuickBase link to a Word file attachment with a computer virus in it? The link would automatically open the file attachment in Word, and you'd have the virus.

Hope this helps!


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