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Intuit Solution Provider Program

Solution Provider Profile

QuickBase is seeking Solution Providers who:

  • Consult on business process issues
  • Design and build applications
  • Provide ongoing support as business requirements change

Why Should Your Firm Join

QuickBase is a leading platform on which to develop applications and solve your customer's unique business needs. As a QuickBase Solution Provider you will have the opportunity to grow your business with an industry leader as a true partner, Intuit.

  • Maximize revenue and profits with your custom developed applications
  • QuickBase is proven. With over 10 years of experience and hundreds of thousands of users QuickBase takes you to the next level of delivering Software as a Service.
  • QuickBase can solve multiple customer problems for one low usage price. Your customers pay for QuickBase users, and can deploy an unlimited number of applications (which you build).
  • Provide your firm a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Testimonials From Current QSPs

"The QuickBase Qualified Lead Distribution Program is a great way to land new clients. Some of my best clients were passed onto me by Intuit." - Debbie Taylor, QuickBase Services

"Today, I can deliver a custom-built QuickBase application in a quarter of the time, at half the cost and twice the margin." - Cullen Coates, Crystal Bay Solutions

"We at Advantage are very excited about the opportunities QuickBase's evolution as a product and platform offer, and the new Partner Program. As QuickBase grabs the interest of major and minor companies alike, a good developer community is needed to support demand. QuickBase and Intuit are excellent partners." - Scott Wyatt, Advantage Integrated Solutions, Inc.

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