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61% of enterprise buyers believe that technology is fundamentally changing the way their industry operates. Easy-to-use applications are blurring the lines between business and IT. A direct result is that IT is enabling business stakeholders now more than ever in their organizations to make technology decisions for themselves.

At QuickBase, we empower more than half a million paying customers from more than fifty-six hundred organizations to do their jobs faster and better. This group has created more than 5.6 million apps, helping to solve literally millions of problems across industries and around the globe.

What is QuickBase?

QuickBase is a highly scalable low-code platform that enables business professionals to rapidly prototype processes, build and roll out apps, and modify them on the fly – all without compromising on rigorous IT standards on security, controls and governance. These business users rely on trusted advisors to help define complex business processes, unlock the power of the platform, justify spend and guide adoption and usage of the tool internally.

A Community of Innovators, Winning Together

QuickBase doesn’t have a professional services division. Our partners are our professional services division. We count on them to deliver the best customer experience possible for new and existing customers. And with more than 30% of our customers working with partners to help tackle complex app development needs, there is plenty of opportunity for new service providers to join our growing community.

Our partners have the strategic expertise and relationships. QuickBase has the platform and support. Together, we deliver astounding customer experiences with elegant solutions to complex problems.

Driving Innovation through Integration

IDC Estimates that by 2020, online business transactions will reach 450 billion per day. This proliferation of data and user generated content is creating silos of data that requires complex technology integrations to allow users to unlock the power of their systems.

QuickBase is an open platform with a comprehensive API and powerful data liberators to help speed up integration of any 3rd party application; delivering a comprehensive and complete solution to our customers.

Whether you’re a large global organization or an independent developer looking for an open Platform to build the next great user experience, we have a place in our program for you.

QuickBase offers a tight knit community of partners coupled with a culture of innovation that allows partners and team members to create breakthrough solutions for some of the world’s biggest challenges. Couple that with a lucrative commissions structure, no channel conflict and world class training and certification for your team.

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