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Juiced Technologies, Inc.

We provide a host of services to assist any type of business with their Information Technology needs. With over 40 years combined experience in IT, we possess a vast range of knowledge that can help guide businesses through the confusing and ever-changing technologies of today.

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  • Business Process Analysis
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Add-On Products From Juiced Technologies, Inc.

  • Product logo
    Access Upsizer    Migration Tools     (0 Reviews)
    Automatically create a new QuickBase application from an Access database with the Access Upsizer.
  • Product logo
    Amazon S3 Basic    Integration     (0 Reviews)
    Running out of File Attachment space? Use an alternative data storage solution integrated with your QuickBase application, Amazon S3.
  • Product logo
    Amazon S3 Multifile    Integration     (0 Reviews)
    Select MULTIPLE files, relate them to a single record in your QuickBase application and store them in Amazon S3.
  • Product logo
    Amazon S3 w/Doc Mgt    Integration    
     (1 Review)
    This tool is an advanced version of our Amazon S3 Basic Tool. Maintain file revisions, lock documents and reduce data storage costs.
  • Product logo
    Courier for QuickBase    General     (0 Reviews)
    Courier for QuickBase provides enhanced functionality when sending email notifications and reminders to QuickBase Users and Non-Users.
  • Product logo
    DocuSign for QuickBase    Integration    
     (2 Reviews)
    Fast, easy and secure way to send, sign, track and store documents in the cloud. Fully integrated with your QuickBase application.
  • Product logo
    Documentor for QuickBase    Apps     (0 Reviews)
    Create detailed documentation for your QuickBase application(s) using our Documentor for QuickBase tool.
  • Product logo
    ER Diagrams for QuickBase    General     (0 Reviews)
    Generate a visual representation of the tables and their relationships for your QuickBase application with our ER Diagrams QuickBase tool.
  • Product logo
    Exact Forms Plus!    Office & Email    
     (3 Reviews)
    Create Microsoft Word or PDF documents right from your QuickBase application. No macros to install and we can handle application tokens!
  • Product logo
    Fax from QuickBase    Integration     (0 Reviews)
    Send a fax from QuickBase with our fax for QuickBase integration tool. You can fax the pdf doc from your file attachment to anyone you want
  • Product logo
    File Attach Sweep to Amazon S3    Migration Tools     (0 Reviews)
    This service tool will transfer data files stored in QuickBase File Attachment fields to cost effective storage solution, Amazon S3.
  • Product logo
    File Attachment Multifile    General     (0 Reviews)
    Select MULTIPLE files, relate them to a single record in your QuickBase application and store them in File Attachment fields.
  • Product logo
    Gantt Chart for QuickBase    General     (0 Reviews)
    Manage your Projects Visually
  • Product logo
    HTML Editor for QuickBase    General     (0 Reviews)
    Include HTML within your multi-line text fields without having to know the proper HTML tags. Bold,italics,underline your text...and more!
  • Product logo
    Maps for QuickBase    Integration     (0 Reviews)
    Map more than a single location from your application on a Google Map, use Maps for QuickBase for more advanced Google Maps integration.
  • Product logo
    Mobile apps for QuickBase    Mobile     (0 Reviews)
    Create very specific mobile applications for your QuickBase application. These apps will work on iOS and Android phones and tablets.
  • Product logo
    PDF Stamper    General     (0 Reviews)
    Starting with a fixed format PDF this add-on will "STAMP" variable data from your QuickBase table into predetermined positions in the PDF
  • Product logo
    Scheduler for QuickBase    General     (0 Reviews)
    Enhanced calendaring capabilities for your QuickBase application. Multiple views-Day/Week/Month. Drag and Drop editing of entries and more.
  • Product logo
    Signatures for QuickBase    General     (0 Reviews)
    Electronically Sign QuickBase records and store the captured signature image in a file attachment field.
  • Product logo
    Text to QuickBase    Mobile     (0 Reviews)
    Interact with your QuickBase application simply by sending a text msg. Add/Update/Delete data from any mobile device that you can text from
  • Product logo
    Triggers for QuickBase    Integration     (0 Reviews)
    Event handling for QuickBase! Add/Update/Delete data from any table based upon an event that takes place within your application.

Customer Reviews: Juiced Technologies, Inc.

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Average Customer Review

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Excellent Service

By  SK of JTV | November 13, 2015

This partner review is for: Juiced Technologies, Inc.

Great company to work with.

QB Courier

By  Ryan Dewey of Angus Systems Group | November 05, 2015

This partner review is for: Juiced Technologies, Inc.

I've recently began using the QB Courier product for Collections notices to clients. I'm very happy with the product as it is easy to use and easily adapts to your business needs. Christine at Juiced was very helpfully with getting me setup and dealing with any requests I had. The price is quite reasonable as well.

Never Better

By  Ronnie Katz | November 01, 2015

This partner review is for: Juiced Technologies, Inc.

Juiced is a pleasure to deal with. They are competent, professional and understand issues well. They provide solutions that have helped our business run more efficiently, making our time easier to manage and our bottom line grow.

Great Partner

By  Lindsay Ohmer of USTA/Midwest | October 28, 2015

This partner review is for: Juiced Technologies, Inc.

We have been working with Juiced Technologies for about 6 months and they have been incredible partners. In addition to helping us with projects we knew we wanted to do, they have been great at helping us work through new ideas. They are quick and always happy to help when we are in a pinch. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a QuickBase partner.

Customizing app in QuickBase

By  Kashmira Patel | October 26, 2015

This partner review is for: Juiced Technologies, Inc.

We had built an app in QB to track status of government filings but found some functionalities in QB complex. We engaged Juiced to build a couple of javascrips to simplify those functions. Todd and Razi were quick in understanding our needs and they delivered on time and with a very short turnaorund period. Great professionals! Would definitely recommend them.

Great Service!!!!

By  Andreas Vavaroutsos of Orange32 | October 19, 2015

This partner review is for: Juiced Technologies, Inc.

Juiced helped our productivity and our workflow tremendously. Easy to work with, and extremely knowledgeable!!!! Would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great QuickBase partner!


By  Sebastien | October 11, 2015

This partner review is for: Juiced Technologies, Inc.

We are using Exact Form Plus & Courrier. I still don't understand why it's doesn't exist natively in Quickbase : it's absolutely essential for specific processes automation. Very nice & responsive support from Juiced

Competence and Responsiveness!

By  Sherry Immediato of ReThink Health | May 12, 2014

This partner review is for: Juiced Technologies, Inc.

I'm really happy to have Keith on our team. We met via the community chat, so I could easily see that Juiced had a specific solution to a need we had. I'm delighted to have an ongoing service agreement that greatly enhances the value of quickbase to us with quick, inexpensive, high quality customized solutions. I appreciate the "can do" attitude and follow through.

Just Awesome!

By  Jon of Travel with Me To Success | January 30, 2014

This partner review is for: Juiced Technologies, Inc.

Keith and Todd are just awesome! These guys are great, and their plug-ins make everything work better! I love Quickbase already but the plug-ins that Juiced created are like putting your app on steroids. They are so reasonably priced and support is always handled timely. Love these guys!!!

Awesome Service!

By  Linda | March 25, 2013

This partner review is for: Juiced Technologies, Inc.

Juiced are always very quick and generous with their time and expertise. I must say that every time I deal with Juiced, the service is nothing short of awesome!

Exceeded Our Expectations

By  Bill Goldberg of Auto Advisor Services, LLC | November 12, 2012

This partner review is for: Juiced Technologies, Inc.

Our company has had an online reporting system that involved a Coldfusion application which had to be downloaded into an Excel file and then uploaded into a customized Microsoft Access database. This enabled our 25 remote employees to report transactions online so that we could invoice our dealer network and then process commissions, but involved an IT consultant, on a monthly retainer, to manage. We learned about Quickbase through another business partner and after examination, and a review by an Intuit developer, they determined that Quickbase would be a viable option for us. Due to the complexity of the transfer of data, and our desire to replicate many of the functions and reports that we enjoyed using Access, they referred us to Juiced Technologies, Inc., and specifically Todd Jusas, for full development of this application. From the very beginning, Todd has been extremely patient, accessible, and understanding of our needs. He handled the transfer of data and the re-creation of all of the functions and reports we required with ease, and has worked tirelessly to make the appropriate adjustments to insure a smooth transition. It took us 90 days, but we went live on September 1, 2012, under our projected budget for buildout, and it has been very smooth sailing ever since. We don't just like Quickbase, WE LOVE IT! Not only can we capture the same data, real time, but since it is Cloud-based, our management team can access the information from Miami to Atlanta, without any software issues! Further, utilizing the built in CRM (customer relationship management) system, our closing ratios have improved 4% in two months. Once all of our team members are utilizing the CRM to their benefit, we expect our results to exceed a 10% improvement on closing ratio alone. We could not be happier with our decision to go to Quickbase. Further, we are grateful that Intuit referred us to a developer, with vast Access application experience, who made this critical transition for us so smooth. Best of all, WE are now in control of our reporting system and we have been able to save the substantial monthly retainer for our IT consultant which more than covers the monthly fee from Intuit. Quite simply, we have joined the 21st century and save money each and every month. This was a no-brainer and our only regret is that we did not do it sooner! In closing, without the professionalism, wide breadth of knowledge and personal interest of Todd Jusas of Juiced Technologies, we do not believe we would be where we are today. Todd and Juiced get our very HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION and the reader should know that we have retained them on an ongoing basis for any of our future servicing needs. That should speak volumes about our confidence in them. Sincerely yours, Bill Goldberg, President Auto Advisor Services, LLC Orlando, Florida 32819

Great Solutions for our business

By  Loran Prince of Prince Finishing Inc | April 29, 2012

This partner review is for: Juiced Technologies, Inc.

Todd at Juiced Technologies has helped us with two different issues. We needed a scheduler to assist us in seeing the availability for our 30 or so installers. This was installed within a few days of speaking to Todd and he has tweeked it so that it operates "the way WE want it to". He also tweeked it so it displays on a tablet so that you do not require a hover to see the information. He also set us up with a method to store our documents on Amazan S3 which is way less expensive than the onboard storage in Quickbase if you have need for large amounts of document storage. Todd has responded quickly to our urgent concerns and makes changes in a reliable and timely fashion. I would recommend Juiced Technologies as a great resource partner for you in your use of Quickbase. The use of Quickbase and Juiced technologies along with dedicated hard work by people in our company to grow to 4 times what the business was running on spreadsheets and manual docs etc WITHOUT ADDING A SINGLE SOUL IN THE OFFICE. Lastly, even with this growth, my cell phone minutes per month immediately dropped from just over 7000 to less than 100. DUDE, I have a life now thanks to Quickbase and Juiced Technologies. (oh ya, we did write a killer app to manage all of our business details as well)

Excellent Service

By  David W Hawe | April 29, 2012

This partner review is for: Juiced Technologies, Inc.

We use Juiced Technologies for two separate products. They have provided custom programming to allow us to use QuickBase in a way we cannot otherwise that solved a very large issue in one of our workflows. We also are a heavy user of Exact Forms Plus. Juiced is very responsive to our inquiries when when have issues or need changes.

Juiced is soooo clean & sweet

By  Deborah Hatchell of CIC | April 29, 2012

This partner review is for: Juiced Technologies, Inc.

I love working with Keith from Juiced Technologies. With lots of QuickBase developers to choose from, bedside manner counts. Keith is kind, he listens closely, and asks good questions. His goal is to serve, and he never makes me feel stupid. That's just the start! To make my life even easier, he responds promptly, is willing to stretch himself to learn new things just to accomplish my impossible requests. His scripts, connectors, and 'Extracts' have really saved us considerable time as we work with multiple software applications with QuickBase at the heart of them all. Juiced Technologies is a priceless consultant for us.

S3 Uploads

By  Eric Enfield of Black & Veatch | April 29, 2012

This partner review is for: Juiced Technologies, Inc.

I have been working with Juiced Technologies for the last seven months using the S3 Amazon link to store documents. This feature has allowed both vendors and internal employees to load required documents. This has reduced the number of emails being sent to be reduced and allowed the project to go all electronic.

Working with Juiced Tech

By  Phil Peart - Centricity Ci of Centricity Ci | April 29, 2012

This partner review is for: Juiced Technologies, Inc.

When my company began looking at a customised online case management system for our international investigation business, we analysed what was on offering in the market at the time. We had used a previous software program, however after discussing our immediate needs and long term objectives with a Quickbase sales consultant we discussed the project with Juiced Tech. From the very outset, Juiced Tech presented a very detailed business plan, pricing and scope of work because they understood our needs, requirements and what would be the need for ongoing support for our continued growth. Keith Jusas understood what we needed in our international business with multiple currencies, jurisdictions, services and vendors in nearly every country around the world, wanting access and delivering reports, updates and documents to a central repository. This is where Juiced excelled, being able to create data for every aspect of our business from investigators, case managers and clients to third party vendors and experts. Juiced Tech also helped us develop an international electronic library for our clients which provide the ability for them to access data within Quickbase. Quickbase as a whole has been the key differentiator for our company. If you are looking for customisation, ongoing support and add on applications, I have no hesitation at all in recommending the team at Juiced Tech. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly if you require any further information.

Great hands-on help and training

By  Alexandra | April 12, 2012

This partner review is for: Juiced Technologies, Inc.

Todd Jusas at Juiced Technology has provided me much needed help over the past couple of years. I had zero experience building databases before I began using Quickbase to develop a data-collection tool for my firm to use on complex projects. I regularly call Todd, explain what I want to do, and talk through options with him. He then makes the changes to the application—often on the spot— and teaches me how to do the same, so I am not dependent on him each time I need to do something. Todd is very good at implementation if you can define the issue specifically rather than presenting a general problem. Another thing to keep in mind is that if you are a small account and the issue is not an emergency, you may have to wait a few days to hear back from Todd. And if a problem cannot be solved instantly, it may be a week or ten days before it is resolved. (This is understandable, since Juiced is also a small company and needs to pay its own bills; you just need to plan accordingly.)

Exceptional Quickbase Solution Provider

By  Brad Young | April 04, 2012

This partner review is for: Juiced Technologies, Inc.

I have had the opportunity to work with Juiced Technologies, Inc. for many years and can’t say enough about the service and commitment they provide my firm. Due to their experience and efforts, Quickbase is now an integral part of our everyday business. In addition, through Add-On’s, Juiced has been able to provide solutions that Quickbase was unable to provide. We currently use several Juiced Technology developed Add-On’s today. As a user of Quickbase for many years, I sincerely recommend Juiced Technologies, Inc. and know you will be happy with their service.

Outstanding support

By  Michael Viola | April 04, 2012

This partner review is for: Juiced Technologies, Inc.

I contacted Todd at Juiced Technologies, Inc. with a need for a dispatching system for a new segment of my business. Sounds simple, right? Well, I needed to import legacy data from an old system and I needed to have it all up and running in 1 weeks’ time. Not only did they make the dead line with all the functionality that was in the old system, they enhanced it and my people love the new system so much better. Quickbase was such a great platform for me, because it allowed all my staff, both in-house and remote, to have access to the system. Juiced handled the project with speed and the upmost professionalism! I would highly recommend them and Quickbase for your next database project.

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