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Veilsun, Inc.

Veilsun is a business consulting and web platform firm specializing in QuickBase. We combine sound business know-how, creativity, and QuickBase expertise to go beyond traditional consulting, providing powerful web-based solutions for a wide range of businesses. With a strong focus on client experience and tangible return, VeilSun provides the following services:

  • Business process optimization and consulting
  • Objective QuickBase consulting
  • Custom QuickBase development
  • QuickBase User Interface makeovers
  • QuickBase support
  • Custom add-on development
  • QuickBase admin and end user training
Business Skill
  • Application Development
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Integration with other Software
  • Training
  • Technical Support
Technical Skill
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Java
  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • Ruby
  • US East
  • US Central
  • US West
  • Canada
  • Central & S. America
  • English
  • Spanish

Add-On Products From Veilsun, Inc.

  • Product logo
    ConstructBase    Apps     (0 Reviews)
    ConstructBase is an end-to-end App for Construction. Manage your sales, projects, and customer relationships from a single cloud app.
  • Product logo
    Eagleview Extension    Integration     (0 Reviews)
    Extension allowing you to import roof measurements from Eagleview for quoting and more. A must have for roofing companies!
  • Product logo
    FileDown+    General     (0 Reviews)
    FileDown+ allows you to download and organize multiple file attachments from QuickBase to your hard drive or server.
  • Product logo
    FileUp+    General     (0 Reviews)
    This simple tool allows you to add multiple documents at one time to QuickBase.
  • Product logo
    Google Calendar Extension    Integration     (0 Reviews)
    Integration between QuickBase and Google Calendar
  • Product logo
    Google Drive Sync    Integration     (0 Reviews)
    GDrive Sync is an integration between QuickBase and Google Drive document storage.
  • Product logo
    Google Maps Extension    Integration     (0 Reviews)
    Map multiple points or calculate the distance between points using your QuickBase Data.
  • Product logo
    Project Builder    General    
     (1 Review)
    Project Builder lets you populate multiple tasks to your projects with a click of a button.
  • Product logo
    QDot    Integration     (0 Reviews)
    QDot is an integration between your QuickBase CRM application and Pardot Marketing Automation tool.
  • Product logo
    QScheduler    General    
     (1 Review)
    QScheduler is a web-based scheduler and calendar interface that integrates seamlessly with QuickBase.
  • Product logo
    Scrum Board    General     (0 Reviews)
    Scrum board is a drag and drop interface which allows you to assign and re-assign open QuickBase tasks to resources.
  • Product logo
    VeilChimp    Integration    
     (1 Review)
    VeilChimp is a bi-directional integration between QuickBase's CRM and MailChimp email marketing tool.

Customer Reviews: Veilsun, Inc.

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Awesome job!

By  Carolyn Pushinsky of Transprius | April 26, 2016

This partner review is for: Veilsun, Inc.

Ben is very responsive to our needs and assists with prioritizing projects. He offers flexible schedule when needed to best assist us with our business application issues/updates

very good

By  Ginger Voss of Transpirus | April 24, 2016

This partner review is for: Veilsun, Inc.

Ben does a wonderful job keeping up with all the various changes, additions needed for our ever-changing applications. He is flexible and responsive to requests.

Exceptional team

By  Kathleen of CTMI, LLC | April 21, 2016

This partner review is for: Veilsun, Inc.

It has been a pleasure working Marquerite & Jessica. They are extremely resourceful, knowledgeable and quick on the uptake. They were so quick to understand our very complex business needs and quickly provided insightful and creative solutions to some of our most difficult challenges.

Strongly Recommend Working with Ben at Veilsun

By  Devon H. | April 19, 2016

This partner review is for: Veilsun, Inc.

We were matched with Ben from Veilsun. He's a great developer who will find creative solutions for your data management and work flow challenges. Thanks to Ben's hard work we are able to understand and analyze our project data and group's needs.

VeliSun, Inc.

By  Judy D. | April 19, 2016

This partner review is for: Veilsun, Inc.

I really enjoy working with Ben. He responds quickly to my requests, is easy to work with and explains clearly what needs to be changed and why and then checks to make certain the issue is resolved. Very professional and friendly.

Couldn't have done it without Dan at VS

By  Shephali Graf of Elsevier | March 03, 2016

This partner review is for: Veilsun, Inc.

I had the daunting task of setting up a database for reporting errors. Thanks to Dan Ladner at VeilSun, the task was completed successfully. Dan took this project and learned all the components necessary to build exactly what I needed. He asked good and detailed questions, understood the proposed workflow, made invaluable suggestions for the workflow, and implemented agreed-upon requests and changes. He was always available to talk and scheduled weekly meetings to keep me informed of all progress made on the database. The database was nice and clean and Dan also provided supporting documentation that I could share with users. I know the title of this review may *sound* dramatic but it's the truth: this database couldn't have happened without Dan's on-going support and expertise in/with QuickBase.

Customer Service

By  Donna Worst of Fifth Third Bank | January 24, 2016

This partner review is for: Veilsun, Inc.

Ben Larrabee, VeilSun Representative, is very attentive and quick to respond to questions or requests. It's always a pleasure working with Ben. Thank you Ben!

Thank you VeilSun!

By  Jamie Singleton of Lifeline Network | December 02, 2015

This partner review is for: Veilsun, Inc.

One of the most valuable things a charity can receive is a gift in kind. Last month, a company called Veilsun, Inc gave us a gift that transformed the way measure the progress of our beneficiaries. By developing a tailored customer relationship management database for us, our method for capturing and accessing essential data about our beneficiaries has been revolutionized. Instead of poring over complicated databases for hours, we can now monitor change and create reports with the click of a button. This helps us easily measure the progress of the young people in our vocational training programme in Sierra Leone, and allows us to report back to donors more effectively. When we first enquired about creating such a system with VeilSun, we spoke to their Managing Partner James Cosman. Completely unexpectedly, James offered to create the database for us at a fraction of the cost that it should have been. We were incredibly touched by this act of generosity, as we knew that James would spend over 60 hours of his own time doing this. It has inspired us immensely, and has freed up funds that we can re-direct to on-going project activities in Sierra Leone. Words are not enough, but still, we wish to say an absolutely enormous THANK YOU!

Top knowledge, very accessible

By  Doug Jackson of General Financial, Inc. | December 01, 2015

This partner review is for: Veilsun, Inc.

I can't recommend the Vielsun team enough. They have a well-rounded team that knows Quickbase through hands-on experience and the pros/cons of accessing the API. We have a largely unique app that has a lot of legacy band-aids. The team cut right through the clutter to help us solve to most critical issues (better schema, higher security, improved performance). I look forward to my next engagement with them.

Generous and professional support

By  Jamie Singleton of LifeLine Network International | November 30, 2015

This partner review is for: Veilsun, Inc.

We had been using a creaky old excel database with complicated formula and were in need of up-scaling our data collection capacity. Having researched we realized our budget was very tight. Veilsun reviewed the task and broke it down accurately. They were quick to understand what I wanted, even when I struggled to explain. I felt assured they 'got it' and were able to explain in laymen terms what needed to happen in our weekly catch up's. They imported the data from the previous database and custom adapted QuickBase to suit our needs. The Veilsun team were patient, understanding and quick. Not only did they deliver an excellent product but I felt encouraged in my daily work by their commitment to our vision. They offered us a price which no other provider could compete with.

Trusted Business Partner

By  Michelle Neisser of Riverbed | November 16, 2015

This partner review is for: Veilsun, Inc.

Riverbed has had a long and productive working relationship with Veilsun. I appreciate their professionalism, flexibility, and expertise, and consider them a trusted business partner.

Excellent Partner and Service Provider

By  Andrea Reed of General Financial | November 15, 2015

This partner review is for: Veilsun, Inc.

It was a great pleasure to work with VeilSun. Their prompt response and superior customer service made our project experience a smooth and easy transition. Specially working with Marguerite Keating and Mike Safko. I highly recommend working with this team and company!

Excellent Partner

By  Brian Freese of ESI LLC | November 02, 2015

This partner review is for: Veilsun, Inc.

VeilSun really helped me get to where we wanted to go with QuickBase. Of course there is always changes and issues that arise when implementing a new company management database, but VeilSun rolled with the changes and issues and worked through them with us.

Incredibly Helpful

By  Cris Powers of Sunpower | September 21, 2015

This partner review is for: Veilsun, Inc.

Veilsun has helped take our business to the next level. They are true professionals with a comprehensive understanding of Quickbase. We have been able to streamline our process and have a better ability to identify where bottlenecks occur. Dennis and Rich are a true delight to work with and we look forward to continuing our relationship with them in the future.

Job Well Done

By  Christine Lane of Intuit | April 09, 2015

This partner review is for: Veilsun, Inc.

Thanks to the VeilSun Team for great execution, communication, timeliness and partnership on our project. We really appreciate the time and effort you put into making sure our QuickBase tools meet our business needs. I highly recommend them for QuickBase development and maintenance!

Good Product

By  Stephanie Rogenski | April 07, 2015

This partner review is for: Veilsun, Inc.

VeilSun provided a good product. The communication, customer service and promptness could use some work.

Vielsun Partner

By  Tom of Pegasystems | February 17, 2015

This partner review is for: Veilsun, Inc.

Dan Ladner at Veilsun - amazing! Listened to requirements, offered options as we progressed and delivered ON TIME! It is sadly rare that you encounter people like Dan and your thankful when you have a project you do. Dan was flexible for meetings, quick on answers on and off topic and great on follow up after the project went live. A pleasure to work with!

Professionalism at its finest

By  Collin of Acosta/Mosaic | February 03, 2015

This partner review is for: Veilsun, Inc.

I wanted to take a moment and give my opinion on Veilsun Inc. and the professionalism they have shown us. The last few years our team has had problems tracking and analyzing capacity of work. We have invested in multiple software application to try to remedy this problem with no success. After taking a final leap of faith into Quickbase, we were assigned Veilsun Inc. This company exceeded all of our expectations and continues to do so. Their team took the time to understand our business, listened to our needs and built us an application that solved our tracking and capacity needs. This is just the beginning of our relationship with Veilsun and we feel confident their team can help us achieve all of our future goals and lead us to a more productive future.

Outstanding Customer Service and Support

By  Deborah Bonnell of Geisinger Health Plan | January 15, 2015

This partner review is for: Veilsun, Inc.

QuickBase has been a real blessing in streamlining our contracting process, and my personal contact (Michael Garcia) has been beyond outstanding in his prompt, detailed assistance as we've requested personalization of our site. Kudos to VeilSun, and Michael in particular!

Director of Operations

By  Dan Dacey of Anatomy Medical | November 16, 2014

This partner review is for: Veilsun, Inc.

Response to questions was very timely and the answers were accurate. The quality of their work was above expectation, and their cooperativeness was incredible.

Great Partnership

By  Tiffany Erickson of Becker Furniture World | November 11, 2014

This partner review is for: Veilsun, Inc.

Veilsun has a great team and I had and will continue to have a great working relationship with them. Going above and beyond to make sure we had a great product. Looking forward to working with them on future projects in the future.

Veilsun Rocks!

By  Adrienne Ratliff | November 11, 2014

This partner review is for: Veilsun, Inc.

In the short time I worked with Ben and Gui at Veilsun, they showed true respect and knowledge of our company's brand. With that, and their vast understanding of Quickbase, we were able to accomplish more than I had in years with a previous developer. They are professional, think out of the box and know how to have fun! I look forward to hearing all the great things they accomplish in their future.

Great Service

By  Jenn | October 07, 2014

This partner review is for: Veilsun, Inc.

VeilSun offered great service and was very helpful in implementing streamlines processes through Quickbase.

Awesome Work!

By  Jonathan Roberts of Pro Moto Billet | September 21, 2014

This partner review is for: Veilsun, Inc.

These guys made it possible to bring innovation to our unique work flow. The work Dan has done for us will bring great value to our company for many years to come. Excellent service and results.

VeilSun review

By  Alissa Shimanski of Anatomy Medical | August 10, 2014

This partner review is for: Veilsun, Inc.

VeilSun has provided us with a database customized to help our business run smoothly. Ben Larrabee is very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. He is readily available when we need to discuss the database and always works with us to accomplish our goals.

Well done

By  Sam Serianni of Wireless Business Group LLC | August 04, 2014

This partner review is for: Veilsun, Inc.

Veilsun did a great job identifying our needs and addressing them in them in a timely fashion. We had several edits to our unique project and they were very responsive while at the same time providing valuable insight on how prepare our app for future enhancements. I would definitely recommend Veilsun for any organization that needs some vision and customization on how to best leverage QuickBase for their business.

Exceptional and Intuitive

By  Bruce Kaplan | June 26, 2014

This partner review is for: Veilsun, Inc.

This group of engineers is truly exceptional. They have made it a point to learn our unique business space, make specific and very useful recommendations, maintain constant contact and visibility with us, and are very reasonably priced. They have made recommendations that have actually exceeded any expectations of feasibility or business accommodation. We are very pleased with all aspects of our relationship, will continue to develop project's with hem as we grow, and will gladly recommend them to all interested clients. Many thanks for a phenomenal experience.

System Enhancements

By  Stacey Johnson-Pulliam of Corvesta Inc. | May 28, 2014

This partner review is for: Veilsun, Inc.

Veilsun was very professional and easy to work with; they were very willing to assist in every way possible. Michael our architect was wonderful, where he could offer guidance he did and where he could provide suggestions he was more than willing to help. As our system continues to grow and enhancements are needed to support our growth, I will make it a point to call on Veilsun. I am very pleased with the outcome and look forwarded to working with Veilsun again.

Nice tools, nice guys

By  Jon Cunningham | April 16, 2014

This partner review is for: Veilsun, Inc.

Impressed with these guys - their solutions are good and they're nice folk.

Review on Deidre Nelson

By  Donna Reid of Blackhawk Network | March 30, 2014

This partner review is for: Veilsun, Inc.

I worked directly with Deidre Nelson on developing a Quickbase project tracker process. The project took several months to complete. It was such a positive experience I wanted to make sure I took the time to share with others. Deidre was always helpful, patient and very knowledgeable. She continues to support the needs of our project. She not only assisted in the development of the Project tracker but continues to suggest improvements. She reacts in a professional manner and is always timely in her responses. I am looking forward to working with her not only on our existing project but FUTURE projects as well.

Professional, Competent, Responsive

By  Phillip Titus of The Judge Organization | March 13, 2014

This partner review is for: Veilsun, Inc.

As it may happen to many of us from time to time, I recently found myself faced with a fast approaching customer-driven deadline. Although, I have a lot of experience with database tools, Quickbase was new to me and my team. Still, I was able to do a lot with it quickly. Eventually, I hit a few roadblocks. Intuit's own support resources were willing but eventually even they acknowledged their limitations. So who did they direct us to? They shared a list of partners and some how we ended up with Veilsun! Thank God. The guys jumped in right away and looked into my app. Although committed to other projects, they worked after hours discussing my project with me, learning about my goals and challenges. I received technical and design guidance. They never tried to sell me on their stuff; but, I did learn about some of the helpful solutions that Veilsun developed themselves. One in particular, could really help our users see and manage data in a very practical and intuitive fashion. After this experience, it became obvious that I found _the_ Quickbase resource that we would turn to if and when we were to reach our own technical or resource limitations or when preparing our "next big thing." It's important to note, that if you have the time, the value of their contribution would be greater, the earlier they are involved in the process. I only we wished we could have started with them sooner. So, why do I give them only 4 stars? I'm a tough critic and the rating system won't let me give them a 4.5. Like any organization they have their limits too and couldn't commit to doing more of the actual work on my solution immediately. There were others in line ahead of me. That was absolutely fair but I couldn't actually judge their work on my solution. Nevertheless, I really appreciate what they did. Thanks Guys.

Very Helpful

By  John of Micron Technology | February 26, 2014

This partner review is for: Veilsun, Inc.

These guys met with me and helped me assess the needs of my company. They were very forthcoming with what can and cannot be done easily. I highly recommend them.

Incredible Partners!!!

By  Amie Donnelly of Ingersoll Rand | February 09, 2014

This partner review is for: Veilsun, Inc.

I am working on building a CRM application tool for a specific segment of our business, and like some others out there, I jumped in head first before knowing about the AWESOME QuickBase partner support program. After SEVERAL support attempts with the QuickBase support team (all of which were successful but very piecemeal), it was evident that I lacked the developed skills needed to go forward with the application and we decided it would be best to try to partner me up with one of their partners to support the development of the application I had started. QuickBase managers jumped to the rescue and partnered me up with what has to be the BEST QuickBase partner available...VeilSun. Initial Interaction: Pressing the QuickBase support team, I was two days out from a huge demo meeting with my sales directors to pass a gate review for moving forward with the application. It truly lacked the functional reporting and depth that I needed to have to prove this tool had the potential to do everything they were looking for and more. That's when QuickBase introduced me to Rich Crum and the VeilSun team. They are without a doubt the most capable and patient company to work with and they make you feel very reassured each step along the way. Rich quickly involved Thomas Meric to help me pull the data I had started into some informational dashboards at multiple views and roles. Result: My sales directors were absolutely pleased with what they saw in the demo....all thanks to Thomas, and they are letting me move forward with further development of the application to ensure it is robust and functional enough moving forward. Of course, I am happy to say the VeilSun team will be helping me do so. Thank you so very much Thomas, Rich, and James!

Continued Support

By  Rob Reynolds of Stanley Restoration, L.L.C. | February 06, 2014

This partner review is for: Veilsun, Inc.

Veilsun has been excellent at continued customer support and working with our company on updating and upgrading our Quickbase Application.

A wealth of knowledge

By  Elaine Salvadore of ProSight Specialty Insurance | January 15, 2014

This partner review is for: Veilsun, Inc.

Veilsun was instrumental in building our Learning Center App. Consultant Thomas Meric had very creative solutions to provide the level of detail we required, while keeping the amount of effort needed to a minimum. His knowledge in creating meaningful reports and complex formulas was impressive. And he was very easy to work with - I highly recommend Veilsun as a partner!

BHN Quickbase Creation

By  Charlene Glafke of Blackhawk Network | January 01, 2014

This partner review is for: Veilsun, Inc.

I really enjoyed working with Deidre Nelson on the creation of Quickbase for BHN Card Production. Deidre quickly understood our product and the needs asscociated to support our objective. She was open to our ideas and was a good listener. She was able to develop a program for us that will save us a lot of time. Deidre is very professional and responsive to our requests. I have worked with a lot of consultants in the past, but no one has satisfied our needs as well as Deidre.

Veilsun Quickbase development

By  James Murphy of Industrial Installation and Maintenance | December 08, 2013

This partner review is for: Veilsun, Inc.

Thomas and Rich from Veilsun have been instrumental in the development of my company's QuickBase app. Veilsun provided me with critical information relating to QuickBases's capabilities and how they could incorporate my companies requirements into the online database. Veilsun provided me with real life examples of similar companies operating using Veilsun developed apps which helped me greatly in making my decision. Even though my company is located in Australia I have had no problems organising meetings with Veilsun and I have always received prompt responses to all queries. I am very happy with Veilsun's service and would highly recommend them.

The COB Consultant

By  Mateo | December 03, 2013

This partner review is for: Veilsun, Inc.

Rich, Jason, Gui, and the rest of the Veilsun team possess the technical abilities to quickly ramp up to understand your business's workflow and aid in the execution of your business's vision. Their team clearly resonates your company's urgency of work product being delivered by COB and I continue to enjoy working with their team.

Compliance Program Software

By  Keith McRee of Lovelace Health Plan | December 03, 2013

This partner review is for: Veilsun, Inc.

We engaged VeilSun to develop proprietary compliance process management software using the Intuit QuickBase platform. At first we were concerned that the one person sent onsite would take forever to complete our basic software platform. However, our concerns were unfounded -- after three days of onsite work, the consultant left us with an excellent package to start with. Way more than we expected and way more value than can be achieved elsewhere. I would definitely recommend VeilSun and their staff to other organizations with process, control or data management challenges-- so much so that I've engaged VeilSun at a different company.

Veilsun's Quickbase Expertise

By  Will Johnston of Service King | November 20, 2013

This partner review is for: Veilsun, Inc.

We've had a terrific experience using Veilsun to assist us with some extensive customization of the Quickbase platform to fit our project management needs. They are responsive and highly knowledgeable.

Veilsun shines bright!

By  Katie | November 18, 2013

This partner review is for: Veilsun, Inc.

Took our requirements for tool and transformed them into broader scope items that will allow the application to be versatile and adaptable as it grows within our organization. Good communication of project status and new QuickBase features. Overall enjoyable experience!


By  Rob Reynolds of Stanley Restoration | November 03, 2013

This partner review is for: Veilsun, Inc.

James and the employees of Veilsun have proven to be reliable. We enjoy our application that was created for us and look forward to working with them in the future.

Michael is a Lifesaver!

By  Katie of CD Language Solutions | September 25, 2013

This partner review is for: Veilsun, Inc.

Michael came out to run through some errors we were having with our 2 systems integrating. He was very patient through all of my questions and really took the time to explain each individual step in resolving the error. It's nice to know that you have someone out there who will really help instead of saying ok this is how you do it and does it themselves without teaching you how to fix it. I definitely will ask Michael for help in the future, except he did such a great job I may not need him - yeah right!!


By  Kyle of Benchmark Claims Consultants, LLC | August 01, 2013

This partner review is for: Veilsun, Inc.

Rich & Thomas at VeilSun, Inc have been a tremendous help customizing my app. I started putting it together on my own, with some help from the QuickBase support, but ultimately ran into roadblocks on progressing the app further. Even though our initial meeting was blind (no screen share since qb was down), they knew exactly what I was trying to accomplish and had a plan before diving into the app. Thomas has done an EXCEPTIONAL job understanding the various workflows of my organization and put it all together in a short block of time. There is still a lot to customize in the app that will help our new company run more efficiently and effectively and trust 100% that Rich & Thomas will integrate all their solutions to make this a top notch file tracking and sales system!


By  Rob Adams of AQB, Inc. | June 18, 2013

This partner review is for: Veilsun, Inc.

We are a long time QuickBase user and MailChimp user. We were looking for a way to bring our email marketing Activities into QuickBase. VeilChimp does this by syncing the two systems together. When synced, our QuickBase users can see our email marketing activities, which contacts were emailed, when they were emailed, and so on. Bottom line, VeilChimp is very cost effective and helps fill a big gap in QuickBase. I highly recommend it.

Works Wonderfully Well

By  Dorene of Stanley Restoration | February 25, 2013

This partner review is for: Veilsun, Inc.

Dear Velisun Inc.,I don't know if you remember how incredulous I was to the merging of the 2 Q's. In fact I was not ready to espouse your vision but with much trepidation I did. I wanted to let you know that this 'bridging' of info has really made my job much more expeditious. Thank you. In english - you guys are great!! I love the way the software works without messing up my numbers!!!


By  Steven Clark of Lathrop & Gage | February 21, 2013

This partner review is for: Veilsun, Inc.

James and his team have done great, cost-effective work for me and our firm. I've had some non-traditional ideas, and they have implemented them where they could, or suggested suitable alternatives where they couldn't. In addition, they are constantly focused on my application's end-use - and have created tools and UI elements that keep both aesthetics and functionality in mind. Highly recommend them.

Excellent Execution

By  Patrick Maiorano of Blackhawk Network | February 21, 2013

This partner review is for: Veilsun, Inc.

Veilsun was able to over-execute our expectations. We have some pretty lofty ideas and they made it easy to collaborate and get an excellent product.

Perfect service

By  Joshua Dame of Engineering Associates | January 14, 2013

This partner review is for: Veilsun, Inc.

The staff at Veilsun has been awesome to work with through all phases of the development of our app. I've been able to have general ideas that they help me refine and turn into a workable product. From the simple to the more advanced developing that I've needed, Veilsun has always exceeded my expectations. Thank you for all the help and I look forward to fine tuning and upgrading our apps in the future!

Very Satisfied Customer

By  Peggy Harris of RedBoard Circuits | January 02, 2013

This partner review is for: Veilsun, Inc.

We got off to the wrong foot with the wrong progamer but once we found Veilsun and started work with Rich and Jason we have been so very happy. Our business is complicated, we are importers of printed circuit boards and what they have built helps us stay connected to our factories and our customers. We had 5 systems by the time we are done we will be using ONE. QUICKBASE. We have lots of ideas of how we want to grow and we know with their help we can make it happen. THANK YOU

Application Manager

By  Don James of Lowe's | December 09, 2012

This partner review is for: Veilsun, Inc.

I've had the opportunity to engage James Cosman with Veilsun a couple of times now for assistance in advanced development of our applications and have truly enjoyed the experiences. James' ability to rapidly come up to speed with our current processes and jargon and assist with brainstorming a solution that not only serves our immediate needs, but has the forethought to be scalable and capable of additional functionality is a strong suit of his. Look no further if you desire a developer committed to excellence in not just his team's technical ability but customer process improvement and overall satisfaction.

What a Godsend!

By  Angela | April 29, 2012

This partner review is for: Veilsun, Inc.

We were in dire need of automating our processes with such a fast-growing company. Richard Crum has been a godsend in helping us start this process. His experience gives us a great sense of relief and confidence in starting this process. We would recommend him to anyone wanting to go with QuickBase.

Veilsun - Loyal, Reliable, & Confident!

By  Valarie M Eilers | April 12, 2012

This partner review is for: Veilsun, Inc.

Amazing partners! Assessed the situation, provided step by step recommendations. The Team is fantastic, works closely with the internal-teams to define the problems areas. Could not image a better partner!

Veilsun a company you can trust

By  Lory Holladay | April 12, 2012

This partner review is for: Veilsun, Inc.

Veilsun is a trusted company who we have relied on to help us with executing process improvements by analyzing the problem and identifying a solution and executing on them. Veilsun is reliable/dependable company that you can always count on. I would recommend them to anyone.

Veilsun has been the choice deliverer for our information solutions

By  Sherry Betzer | April 12, 2012

This partner review is for: Veilsun, Inc.

Veilsun helps our teams enhance business performance. They work closely with the teams to define the problems, capture the requirements, analyze the potential solutions and always provide insight on ways of improving the process to keep the projects within their scope. Having worked with them for multiple projects in our organization, I cannot think of any other team I would want to work with for providing results for our team.

Veilsun is Second to None

By  Maureen Murphy | April 12, 2012

This partner review is for: Veilsun, Inc.

The technical expertise and support provided by Veilsun has improved the efficiency and effectiveness of our departmental processes exponentially. They are reliable, knowledgeable and working with them has been a rewarding experience for our team.

Great support and solutions from Veilsun

By  Jennifer Gomez | April 12, 2012

This partner review is for: Veilsun, Inc.

Veilsun has been a great provider of QuickBase solution support and services. They worked well with our group to fully understand the requirements of our business and develop a solution that meets those needs and enable us to gain efficiencies in our work. Veilsun helps their customers develop solutions that will enable them to use QuickBase to achieve the greatest potential.

QIC Review Veilsun

By  Kyle | April 12, 2012

This partner review is for: Veilsun, Inc.

Veil does an excellent job on app development and ongoing support.

Veilsun - making our non-profit more efficient

By  Kristy Conrad | April 12, 2012

This partner review is for: Veilsun, Inc.

Veilsun came in and solved a major problem we were having with the way we billed services and tracked data. They turned a 30 hour a month process by a manager into a 5 hour review- saving us time and money. Best part, they created a system that was practical and useful. Most consulting companies give you advice - They gave us a solution.

Veilsun, Inc. Helps Develop Business Solutions That Fit Your Business Needs

By  Linda Waters | April 12, 2012

This partner review is for: Veilsun, Inc.

We worked with Veilsun to link two key applications and add custom functionality. Veilsun was very easy to work with and provided invaluable insights that helped us make the best decisions throughout the process. The end result has greatly improved our processes and information flow between various workgroups. I highly recommend working with TwinSuns for developing or enhancing your Quickbase business solution needs.

Would definitely use again!

By  Camille James | April 12, 2012

This partner review is for: Veilsun, Inc.

Rich is great at drawing out requirements from diverse groups with competing interests. Our project was difficult to define and quite complex--too much so to devote an internal resource to. In addition to doing a great job, Rich was a great pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend him.

Veilsun is Awesome

By  Megan Farfalla | April 04, 2012

This partner review is for: Veilsun, Inc.

I have been working with Veilsun for about 3 weeks now and they have provided solutions and work-arounds for problems that we were not able to tackle internally. They are a young company that will provide a great fresh approach to a problem that you may be facing.

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